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I am a mom with 4 kids – all of whom were born 2 years apart. As a result, we’ve had 1 or 2 children in diapers for the past 8 years. When it comes to diapers? This is one area I know what I am talking about. I am hoping we will soon be finished with diapers, but until the youngest ones are ready to potty train, I am always watching for the cheapest diaper prices!

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Here is the amazing thing. I’m a frugal mom who is always looking for the best deals. I’ve been able to buy all the diapers we need as part of our monthly $475 grocery budget. Yes, that $475 covers groceries, cleaning supplies, toiletries and DIAPERS! For several of our kids, the budget was even lower but it still included diapers.

I am a firm believer in building a diaper stockpile to save money. I started early with Nathan was able to build a stockpile of diapers for him that cost less than $100 for all the diapers he used. If you want proof, I include a list of all the diapers I bought on this diaper stockpiling post. I go into all the details and show you exactly how to build a diaper stockpile here.

The deals have continued to change in the past years but I still believe it is possible to find good deals on diapers. How do I know this? Because I am buying diapers regularly! I know the costs and the deals. As I started stockpiling diapers for our 4th baby, I realized I have never done a full cost comparison to see what the absolute cheapest diapers were. I do the math mentally and have my own stock up prices, but I never took the time to figure out if my prices were the best.

How do I find good deals on diapers? I take my time and shop around and watch the deals. I know there are moms who don’t have that time – or simply don’t want to do so. If that’s you, that is just fine. If you simply want to know the cheapest diaper cost so you can go buy them? I’ve figured it out for you! I’m excited to figure this out for myself as well.

So, let’s get started and I will show you exactly how and where to find the cheapest diapers.

Note: All these diaper prices are current as of August 2022. 

Where can I buy the cheapest diapers?

I started by making sure to get an accurate representation of all brands of diapers at stores that are widely available to most of us, regardless of where you live. Yes, prices may vary at your stores, but you can use the prices I gathered to make your own quick comparison to see if it holds up.

I compared the cost of diapers at various stores. I wanted to make sure I included most of the nationwide stores to give a good representation. The stores I compared were:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Meijer
  • Kroger
  • Aldi
  • Sam’s Club
  • Costco
  • Amazon

I compared the brands of diapers at each of the various stores. The diaper brands I compared were:

  • Pampers
  • Huggies
  • Luvs
  • Up & Up (Target brand)
  • Comforts (Kroger brand)
  • Parent’s Choice (Walmart brand)
  • Little Journey (Aldi brand)
  • Mama Bear (Amazon brand)
  • Member’s Mark (Sam’s Club brand)
  • Kirkland (Costco brand)

I also compared all the sizes of all the diapers in all the brands because I know how much prices change by the size.

Are these the cheapest diapers with sales or without? 

These are the every day lowest prices on diapers.

For the sake of a true comparison, I did not factor in sales. Sales can often beat the every day low price but I’ll talk more about that below.

While various brands are sold at many stores, the sizes of packages vary. Be careful to factor in the cost per diaper when comparing brands and sizes. That is one of the simplest ways to make sure you are getting the best deal on diapers.

I know not every one likes every brand of diapers – and not every baby can wear every disposable brand. Feel free to eliminate any rows of specific brands that you do not like to use. It will still save you money. I am thankful that my babies can wear pretty much any brand of diaper. This makes it easier for me to focus on buying the cheapest diapers. Even if you prefer a certain brand or two, these numbers should help you figure out how you can save money on whatever brands you prefer.

If you are looking for the absolute cheapest diaper, keep reading!

(You can print a free pdf file of all the charts and prices I share below.)

What is the cheapest diaper in regular package sizes? 

First, I started by comparing the cost of regular diaper packs.

As you can see, the Walmart and Aldi brand are the cheapest diapers with the Target and Kroger brands closely behind. 

Are large boxes of diapers cheaper than regular diapers? 

Often times, people say that buying boxes of diapers in bulk is cheaper than buying multiple regular packages. I thought that it could depend but wanted to test my theory once and for all. Here is the comparison of large boxes of diapers.

As you can see, Walmart and Aldi are still the lowest priced diapers, with Kroger and Target close behind. 

Big boxes are not always the best deal. Depending on the brand and size of diaper, buying multiple packages of diapers sometimes saves you on the cost per diaper while most times the big boxes do win.

What is the cheapest diaper in each size?

It didn’t matter the size, because the cheapest diaper at every day low prices was the Aldi diapers of Little Journey. In some cases, Little Journey tied with Walmart’s Parent’s Choice as they both had the exact same price per diaper.

Here is what I found when comparing all the factors. These are the cheapest diapers in each size, with the brand and cost per diaper. 

  • Newborn – Little Journey (Regular package) – $0.10
  • Size 1 – Parent’s Choice or Little Journey  (Regular package) – $0.09
  • Size 2 – Parent’s Choice or Little Journey (Regular package) – $0.11
  • Size 3 – Little Journey (Big box) – $0.11
  • Size 4 – Little Journey (Big box) – $0.13
  • Size 5 – Little Journey (Big box) – $0.15
  • Size 6 – Parent’s Choice or Little Journey (Big box) – $0.17

You can download a free printable version of my chart here with stock up prices.

Have diapers increased in price in 2022?

I first completed this price comparison in March 2020. I updated these prices in August 2021. This was my third time to update the prices in August 2022. I was not surprised that some diaper prices increased but I was surprised that only the Aldi diapers have remained the same price for the past two years!

Huggies jumped up in price from $8.27 to $9.94 a package which is the largest diaper increase of all the brands. That really adds up!

Costco diapers also increased in price but they added more diapers to their packages, so the jump was minor once you figured in the cost per diaper. However, it did still jump.

It really was interesting to me that diapers did not jump as much on all brands as I might have expected! That is good news for parents with kids in diapers.

You can download all three years of diaper prices in my printable file here, if you want to compare further.

How can you save the most on diapers?

Now that we know what the absolute cheapest diaper is, it is time to figure out how you can use that knowledge.

With each size, I consider that low price to be my stock up price. Since I know I can always get a diaper at that price, anything below it is my stock up price.

Here are my stock up prices per diaper. 

  • Newborn – $0.10
  • Size 1 – $0.09
  • Size 2 – $0.11
  • Size 3 – $0.11
  • Size 4 – $0.13
  • Size 5 – $0.15
  • Size 6 – $0.17

Now that I know my stock up price, I watch for sales. For example, Kroger regularly has sales where you get $10 off your purchase of $40 on diapers. When that happens, the Kroger diapers become cheaper than Walmart or Aldi (who do not run sales).

When I see a sale that beats the every day low price, I stock up on diapers. This saves me a lot of money on diapers! Using the lowest price diapers, and watching for promotions like these, allows you to lower your diaper cost as well.

This is also why it is important to know the cost per diaper instead of the cost per package. With package sizes varying between brands and bags and boxes, you want to be sure you are getting the best deal possible.

I also find a lot of good diaper deals on Amazon on various diapers. Once again, watch the cost per diaper and watch for sales and it is relatively easy to find good deals on diapers at Amazon – especially Luvs. Amazon regularly runs promotions on diapers so it is worth checking. Plus, the convenience of shopping online is worth considering! With Amazon, you can also choose the Subscribe and Save option to save more money off your diapers. Remember, you can easily cancel your Subscription after you pick up a good deal, too. If you are not a Prime member, you can sign up for a free 30 day Amazon prime trial here. 

What is the cheapest brand of diapers?

To recap, you can buy the cheapest diapers on any given day at Walmart or Aldi.

If you are willing to watch and wait for sales, you can buy the cheapest diapers at Kroger with Target being relatively close behind.

Again, you can download the full chart with all my price comparisons and stock up prices here.

I hope this price comparison helps you save money on diapers!

Are you surprised by the cheapest diaper results? How do you like to save money on diapers?

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    1. Hi, Dianne. I actually have not used the Aldi diapers recently, but in my experience, no they are not as thick and soft as Pampers. I would compare the quality of Aldi diapers to the Walmart’s generic diapers. Kroger and Target’s quality are a step up (in my opinion) and both similar diapers. I really like both Target’s Up & Up diapers, as well as Kroger Comforts. Those are my go to generic diapers. I found the Aldi and Walmart brands too thin for my babies. Of course, Pampers it the top of the line when it comes to diapers! 🙂

  1. Thank you so much for all this information! You just saved me a BUNCH of time! I really appreciate it. Great content. I will tell my friends about you.

    1. You are truly welcome, Samantha! It is the information I wish I had when my first was in diapers too. I love helping other moms save time and money!

  2. Any tips for stocking up for a baby coming out of town??? I have a daughter in Tacoma and would love to send diapers, but also want a great price!

    1. Here’s a thought! What if you scheduled a grocery pick up for her from Walmart, to get the great price on diapers but not have to pay shipping! The other idea is to watch Amazon and set up a subscribe and save order for her (even if it is only once) because then the diapers will be shipped directly to her, again without extra shipping on her part. It’s a great idea because every mom loves diapers! 🙂

  3. Wow, so well written ! Luv it ! I fell in love with Walmart’s parents choice diapers also 🙂 – great quality and price! They also have a size 7 diaper nd the overnight diapers / pull ups are kinda expensive but perfect for a toddler who has outgrown the “regular) 3/4t pull-ups.

  4. I need to give this info to my son as they have one in diapers and another one on the way. Your whole website will benefit them if they will read it.

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