Christmas Bucket List for Kids

Are you ready for easy Christmas fun with your kids? Print this free Christmas bucket list and let your kids make their own Christmas to do list!

My 6 year old son, Nathan, began working on his Christmas list early this year. No, not the list of the presents he wanted, but rather the list of all the things he wanted to do this Christmas. That is a list that I love!

On his list this year? Look at the Christmas lights, bake gingerbread cookies, watch Rudolph and listen to Christmas music. Nathan can write his own list now that he is in 1st grade. The early childhood teacher in me loves his inventive spelling! Want to see his Christmas list that is hanging on our fridge? Nathan wrote it all by himself – and even listed days of the week for his activities.

I love how he calls it his Christmas Schedule (Crismas Scegurel) and even lists our favorite buckeyes (bucki) to bake.

Of course, once Nathan made his list, both of his little sisters wanted to make their own Christmas lists. His sisters can’t write their lists, although Nathan did happily volunteer to help them.

I decided to create a bucket list printable to help my girls. I ended up creating two versions, in fact. I am sharing them both bucket lists here so you can use them too! (Look for the link below each picture to download your free bucket list printable.)

These printable Christmas bucket lists are for all kids to use – for writing words, drawing pictures or doing a combination of both!

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If you have a young child who needs to draw pictures, this first Christmas bucket list is created for them. It has space for 6 picture ideas. Not a lot, so that you can easily accomplish them all this Christmas season! The boxes are big enough that you can add words too.

Download the 6 picture Christmas bucket list here.

If you have a child who wants to list more ideas or write words, this second Christmas bucket list printable is another option. This list also has check boxes if your child likes to check items off as you do them. That would be son.

Download the 10 picture Christmas bucket list here.

It isn’t fancy. It isn’t hard. It doesn’t have to be expensive at all. These bucket lists will help create special Christmas memories with your child – and isn’t that what we all want to do?

Feel free to use either (or both!) bucket lists with your children this Christmas season. I’d love to know what ends up on your child’s Christmas bucket list!

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