Unique Nativity Sets

Looking for unique nativity sets to remind you of the reason we celebrate Christmas? Here are some beautiful nativity sets for adults as well as some unique nativity sets for children.

I have always loved nativity sets. I especially love unique nativity sets of the Holy Family (Mary, Joseph and Jesus). Yes, there were many there to celebrate Jesus’ birth but I love the reminder of those first moments as depicted in nativities.

My love of nativities goes back to a gift my parents received one Christmas. A member at church (my Dad is a pastor), gave them a Jim Shore quilted nativity. Yes, those are beautiful, if you know the style. This one showed a very pregnant Mary on a donkey with Joseph steadily leading the way – with the quilted design on their robes. I loved that it wasn’t just Mary and Joseph standing by a manger as so many scenes were at the time.

I slowly began a nativity collection of my own. We don’t add to it every year but slowly when I find a set I really love. My in-laws gave us a nativity set from Hawaii and my father brought back a beautiful hand-carved Holy Family from Jerusalem. I love the uniqueness of them all.

My nativity collection is one of the first things I unpack each Christmas. We don’t have a mantle so most of them are displayed on the piano…with a couple around the house in other areas.

If you love nativities too, this list is for you! We might not all be able to travel to Israel to buy nativities, but there are still many unique nativities to be found.

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Nativity Sets for Mom and Dad

Willow Tree Nativity

The Willow Tree Nativity has become a popular nativity. Some one would say it isn’t unique anymore because it is so popular, but I think it is unique because of the clean lines and the simplicity of the style. I added it to my collection just two years ago. There are many pieces you can add to grow this nativity, but for now, I keep it simple and display just Mary and Joseph with the baby.

Sometimes the price is better on Dayspring or at a Christian book store, as compared to Amazon (here). They are close but it is worth comparing.

Willow Tree Holy Family

This Willow Tree nativity (in color!) was one of the first nativities I purchased. I love the clean lines but I also love the muted colors of this nativity. The tender way Mary holds Baby Jesus, and Joseph is leaning over makes this one of my favorite nativities.

You can find this Holy Family set on Amazon (here).

Embroidered Holy Family

Last year, I met Alex of Made for Sainthood, when our tables were next to each other at a local craft show. I was in awe of her beautiful embroderiery, as that is a skill I do not have!

I quickly fell in love with the Holy Family hoop she created, and bought one before the show was up. I love hanging it on our walls each Christmas! It is such a unique and beautiful nativity. I can promise you it looks just as beautiful in person as it does in the picture too!

You can buy the embroidered Holy Family in the Made for Sainthood Etsy shop here.

Lisa Leonard Holy Family

I do not (yet) own the nativity set by Lisa Leonard but it is truly a unique nativity set. You can purchase this in pieces, starting with just the Holy Family and adding to it as you choose. It is small and made of sterling silver – and uniquely beautiful!

You can buy this silver nativity on Lisa’s website here.

Sleeping Holy Family Nativity Set

I found this nativity online and quickly added it to my wish list. I absolutely love the real moment of love – and exhaustion – displayed by the whole family. It is truly a unique look at the Holy Family!

You can find this Holy Family nativity set here.

Nativity Sets for Children

If you are looking for nativity sets your children can play with, here are some great options. All are beautiful enough to display in a collection, but sturdy enough that children can play with them without breaking anything.

Children’s Neutral Nativity Set

This wooden nativity is labeled as a mini nativity for kids. The simple black lines with gold accents is nice, but you could easily paint this to add more color if you like.

You can buy this children’s nativity set here.

Fisher Price Little People Nativity

The Little People nativity is a classic if you have kids. I bought it before we had kids because I knew I wanted one for our family. We have an older version but all of my kids love playing with it – each and every single year. It plays “Away in a Manger” when you press the star and I’m amazed we haven’t worn out the batteries yet!

There are two versions of this nativity that I have seen. One has more pieces and one is simpler, but either one is worth having in your home if you have kids. I would call this set a Christmas must have.

You can buy this classic children’s nativity here.

O Holy Night Wooden Nativity

This wooden nativity set is more brightly colored than some. I like that it has an actual stable too.

You can buy this wooden nativity here.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Nativity

Here’s another wooden nativity set. Like the others above, this is a durable set that kids can play with or you can display it yourself.

This Melissa & Doug wooden nativity set is available for sale here.

Nativity Jesus is Born Box Set

If you want a nativity set that your kids can play with and easily be packed up again, this Nativity set in a box may be just what you are looking for. This set from Dayspring includes 5 wooden pieces as well as a box with backgrounds that change, so your children can tell the Christmas story.

You can find this wooden Jesus is Born box set here.

There are so many different nativity sets. Every year, there are new ones but some classics remain. Do you collect nativities? Or do you have a favorite nativity set to display?

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