52 Week Food Stockpile Checklists | How to Stockpile Food for $5 a Week

Building a stockpile doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Enter these food stockpile checklists that will teach you how to build a stockpile on $5 a week!

With gas and food prices continuing to rise, I am more actively working at building my stockpile this year. I am trying to do it in a simple way – and of course, stick to my budget as I build my stockpile.

I’ve always thought it was possible to build a stockpile with an extra $5 a week. It may not seem like a lot of money, but it can definitely be done! That’s how I build my stockpile on a budget – with a little bit here and a little bit there. You don’t have to do it all at once!

I recently heard a Youtuber, Patara from Appalachia’s Homestead, (video here) encourage people to buy 5 extra cans a week. The simplicity of that idea was intriguing and I decided to use that too.

I spent some time thinking though all the possibilities of ways to create a food stockpile, and started putting the ideas together into checklists that could be used over the course of a year.

Here are 10 different food stockpiling checklists to use as you build your stockpile!

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5 Item Food Stockpile Checklist

I started with the idea of stockpiling 5 cans a week. Do you know that if you buy 5 extra cans a week, by the end of the year, you will have added 260 cans to your stockpile?

5 is an easy number to do, and it doesn’t restrict you. You can buy 5 extra cans of one item, or a variety of different cans to equal 5.

Buy 5 cans of whatever you eat this week – peanut butter or your favorite canned fruit.

You can buy 5 cans at regular price or 5 cans of whatever is on sale. They can be more expensive cans or cheaper cans.

The idea is simply to start buying 5 cans every single week and start adding to your stockpile because the cans (and boxes and bags) will add up!

However, even with 5 cans, I knew some people would still wonder what to buy. Enter my 5 Item Stockpile Lists!

I created a list of some of the most common stockpiling non-perishables that almost any one can add to their pantry. It doesn’t have to be followed in order so you can jump around. Plus, the most common canned goods (like fruits and vegetables) repeat several times over the course of the year.

If you want to do more, you can easily double this to do 10 cans a week. I’m feeling a bit of urgency lately (again, due to the rising inflation and current world events) so have been aiming for a dozen cans myself.

But 5 cans? 5 cans is great! If that is what you can do, and want to do…let’s get busy!

In addition to a prepared list, I created some lists of 5 items that are partially filled in with my suggestions, and as well as some that are totally empty if you want to customize your list.

All of the lists are included in my free 52 Week Stockpile Checklist Printable Ebook! (Get them here.)

If you want to go another stockpiling route, you can try the $5 a week stockpiling checklist.

$5 a Week Food Stockpile Checklist

What if you are on a tight budget but still want to stockpile? Enter the $5 checklists!

$5 can buy more than 5 cans some weeks, or 1 big bag of sugar another week. I spent some time going through the most common stockpiling items, and compared the 2022 prices at Walmart to figure out how much $5 can really buy you. I included a checklist with the actual prices so you can see my totals.

If you use the checklist exactly as I prepared it, $5 a week will buy you a wide variety of 243 items by the end of one year.

Why did I use Walmart prices? It’s a store that everyone has access to across the United States. You may find better deals at your local Aldi or on sale at a nearby Kroger. If so, great! You can stretch your money further and buy more for your stockpile!

I created these checklists to save you the work of price checking. I wanted to give you counts of products that are $5 or less for each week. Have $10 to spend this week? Great! Double the amount.

Once again, you don’t have to follow this $5 stockpile checklist in order. You can jump around, as you find things or as you spot sales. I also included some partially filled in lists for this, if you want to customize your $5 list a bit more for your family.

Want these free checklists and even more? I’ve compiled 10 different checklists into my 52 Week Stockpile Lists Printable Ebook. It is completely free to subscribers on my email list! Sign up here and you will get all the printable checklists delivered directly to your email inbox for you to print and use.

Whatever checklist you decide to use, I hope these food stockpile checklists show you that stockpiling doesn’t have to be difficult – and it really can be done on a budget.

Sign up in the box below to get your checklists, print them off and start building your stockpile this week! And I’d love to know, which stockpiling checklist makes more sense to you? Are you going to use the $5 checklist of the 5 item one? Either way…I’m proud of you for building your stockpile! It will save your family money.

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