25 Best Things to Stock Up at Sam’s Club

If you have a membership to a warehouse club like Costco or Sam’s, you may be wondering if the prices make the membership worth it. After several years of shopping at Sam’s Club, I have found more deals than I expected. I recently took a close look at the prices to find the absolute best things to stock up at Sam’s Club.

Shopping at a warehouse store can be overwhelming, but it can also be exciting when you find some great deals. The best way to shop at any warehouse store is to be particular about what you buy there.

You can buy lots of items in bulk at a warehouse store like Sam’s Club, but just because it comes in large quantities does not mean it will be a good deal. Sam’s Club can be a great place to quickly add to your stockpile, if you choose the best things to buy at Sam’s Club.

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Due to inflation, grocery prices are seeing big increases. Buying the best deals at Sam’s (and sticking to those), while building a stockpile, is a good way to stretch your budget.

If you want to learn even more about stockpiling, I have a printable ebook called “The Quick Start Guide to Building a Stockpile on a Budget.” It is full of helpful tips, handy checklists and more to help you build a stockpile – even with inflation increasing! More information here.

Want to know what I think the best deals at Sam’s Club are? Here we go! This list is to help all of you who are wondering what to buy at Sam’s Club.

If you would rather watch a video with all the highlights and deals, here you go! Otherwise, keep reading!

Note: This post is written with current Sam’s Club prices from January 2024 in northern Indiana. Your prices may vary slightly. Sam’s has a great website where you can check all your local prices, whether you are a member or not.

Sam’s Club does require a membership to shop there, which is a great reason to check out prices first. If you are NOT a member, check out this amazing deal.

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Now, if you are ready to find the best deals at Sam’s Club, let’s get started!

Best Foods to Stock Up on at Sam’s Club

If you are starting to build your stockpile, or simply want to find good bargains on food prices, there are several great deals to be had at Sam’s Club. These are some of the best foods to stock up on at Sam’s.

1. Yeast

If you bake at all, you need to buy your yeast at Sam’s Club. This is the absolute cheapest place to buy yeast! Yeast comes in a 2 pack container for $5.98 or $2.99 per pound.

2. Butter

I always have butter in my fridge and freezer! When the holiday sales come around, I stock up. If I ever run out, Sam’s is my go to place for reasonably priced butter. Thankfully, butter is starting to come down in price again. Butter comes as 4 pounds for $13.48 or $3.37 per pound.

3. Nestle Chocolate Chips

This may seem odd to some, but name brand chocolate chips are one of my non-negotiables. A giant bag of chocolate chips (72 oz) at Sam’s Club is equal to 6 regular bags (12 oz). Nestle’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips are $11.48 or $1.91 per 12 oz bag. This is definitely my favorite thing to buy at Sam’s Club!

4. Sugar

This may vary, based on the time of the year if there are baking sales available, but Sam’s does sometimes have the best price on sugar. Most grocery stores sell sugar in 4 pound bags now so you will have to compare price per pound. At Sam’s, you can get 10 pounds of sugar for $7.28 or $0.72 a pound. This price per pound is cheaper than Walmart or Aldi.

5. Flour

Flour is another thing that may be a good purchase at Sam’s Club. If you like to bake and go through flour quickly, you watch the price of flour closely! Again, you will have to check pounds because I can still get flour slightly cheaper at Walmart if I buy the 10 pound bags for $4.34 or $0.43 a pound. At Sam’s Club, a 25 pound bag of flour is $9.98 or $0.40 per pound.

Get Member’s Mark All Purpose Flour (25 lbs.) here.

6. Honey

Honey keeps going up in price! It has doubled since summer of 2021. Have you noticed that? Did you also know that unopened honey has a shelf life of basically forever? If you find a good deal on honey, it is definitely worth adding to your stockpile.

Sam’s used to sell a 2 pack of honey (40 ounces each, 80 ounces total) for years. In March 2023, this cost $19.34 or $0.24 per ounce. Just recently, they have switched to selling a single 48 ounce bottle of honey At Sam’s, you get honey for $9.98 for 48 ounces, or $0.21 per ounce. You have to buy more bottles now, but the price is cheaper per ounce since they made this switch!

7. Lindsay Black Olives

My kids and I love black olives! We love to snack on them or eat them on our pizza. A 6 pack of large black olives is $11.58 or $1.93 a can. Do you know black olives have an incredibly long shelf life of 3 or more years? Good news if you are an olive lover!

8. Vinegar

Vinegar is handy for so many cleaning and cooking purposes. It also does not have an expiration date and basically lasts forever. At Sam’s Club, you get two 1 gallon bottles of vinegar packaged in 1 box. A 2 pack of white vinegar is $5.98 or $2.99 per 1 gallon.

Buy Hotel and restaurant quality vinegar here.

9. Bottled Water

Sam’s is my go to place for bottled water! A 40 pack of Member’s Mark water (16.9 oz bottles) is $3.98 or $0.10 per bottle.

Interestingly enough, one 40 pack of bottled water is actually 5.26 gallons of water, which makes it $0.60 per gallon of water. If you are interested in storing water for your family (like I recommend in my stockpiling baby steps), this is a cheap and easy way to do it, since the packs of water bottles stack well. Remember, 1 gallon per person per day is the recommendation with 3-14 days being the minimum amount recommended to store.

10. Whole Nuts

If you buy whole nuts, Sam’s Club is a great place to do so! A 3 pound bag of whole Member’s Mark almonds is $8.98 or $2.99 a pound or $0.19 per oz. See Member’s Mark Natural Whole Almonds (3 lbs.) here.

If you like cashews, those are a bit a more pricey but still a deal. Cashews are $11.98 for 33 ounces of whole cashews or $0.36 per oz. See Member’s Mark Lightly Salted Whole Cashews (33 oz.) here.

Pistachios are a bit more, but still a deal compared to other stores. A 3 pound bag of unshelled Member’s Mark pistachios are $14.98 or $4.99 a pound or $0.31 per oz. See Member’s Mark Roasted & Salted Pistachios (48 oz.) here.

11. Pasta

My kids love pasta! I used to stock up at Kroger when it is $0.49 a box / per pound but now I am happy if I get it for under $1 a pound. At Sam’s, they have some good low prices on pasta if you don’t have sale prices like that. Spaghetti or angel hair pasta is sold in 6 pound boxes (6 packages, each 1 lb) for $5.48 or $0.91 per pound.

12. Pancake Mix

I make my pancakes from scratch…because my kids eat pancakes several mornings a week. I like to make a double batch of Saturdays and freeze the leftovers for a quick pancake breakfast on school mornings.

If you do buy pancake mix, Sam’s Club has a 10 pound bag of Buttermilk Pancake Mix for $7.48 or $0.74 per pound. This is a good price, especially since you only have to add water – no milk or anything else. I love baking mixes like this, and the pancakes do taste good too!

13. Canned Tuna

If you eat tuna, you have two options at good prices at Sam’s. Both kinds are sold in 5 oz cans, stacked in a pack. Starkist tuna comes in a 12 pack for $10.98 or $0.92 a can. See Starkist Chunk Light Tuna 12 pk here. Member’s Mark tuna comes in an 8 pack for $12.98 or $1.62 a can. See Member’s Mark tuna here.

14. Canned Chicken

I admit, this was something I never thought I would buy. However, I bought and tried the Member’s Mark canned chicken and was really impressed! It was all white chicken breasts stored in water, with actual big chunks of meat – and it tasted delicious! I will be buying more of it, especially since it has a 3 year shelf life, and is a great way to keep some meat in my stockpile that isn’t stored in my freezer.

Member’s Mark canned chicken comes in a 6 pack of small cans (12.5 oz each) or $11.98 or $1.99 a can or $0.16 per ounce. You can also buy a large can (50 ounces) of canned chicken at $10.28 or $0.20 per ounce. It is worth noting that you pay a bit more for the 6 packs, but the price is cheaper by ounce to buy it this way. Plus, I find it more convenient to use in smaller cans!

See Member’s Mark Premium Chunk Chicken Breast (12.5 oz, 6 ct.) here.

15. Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts

Sam’s has a great price on fresh boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Chicken breasts are now priced at $2.68 per pound. Occasionally, I find a better sales price but this is becoming my go to stop for chicken. I like to buy several packages and freeze it in smaller sections like this.

16. Rotisserie Chicken

This may not be something you can stockpile, but it is worth adding to the list because you can get a 3 pound, fully cooked and delicious rotisserie chicken for only $4.98. Eat what you can for one meal, and pull it off the bone for another meal. This is the ONLY thing that has not increased in the three years I have been tracking prices.

Paper Products to Stock Up at Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club isn’t all foods. They have some other great deals as well! Here are some great deals to stock up on paper products at Sam’s Club.

1. Toilet Paper

If you are not picky about name brands, and don’t want to watch for sales, consider giving the POM toilet paper at Sam’s a try. You get a 45 pack of POM toilet paper for $27.12 which works out to $0.60 a roll.

If you have a particular brand you are loyal to, compare those toilet paper prices as well. Sam’s may be cheaper than your grocery store!

2. Paper Towels

Sam’s Club has become my go to place for purchasing paper towels. Member Mark’s Premium Paper Towels are $19.98 for a mega pack of 15 rolls, or $1.33 a roll. Each roll has 150 sheets, in the smaller tear size (which I prefer) and they really are great paper towels! They are thick, and individually wrapped so you can store them wherever you can fit a few rolls. One pack of these paper towels lasts me more than a year.

3. Paper Plates

I’m not talking about the cheap, super thin paper plates where you need 3 to actually hold food without spilling. If you want a decent quality paper plate, go to Sam’s. Member’s Mark Ultra Dinner Plates (10 inch size) sell for $19.98 for a 204 count package or $0.10 a plate. Member’s Mark Ultra Lunch Plates (8 inch size) sell $21.98 for a 300 count package or $0.07 a plate. These often go on special as well to make them even cheaper. They really are a great deal for when you need good paper plates.

See Member’s Mark Ultra Lunch Paper Plates (8.5″, 300 ct.) here.

4. Disinfecting Wipes

Disinfecting wipes are one of those things that still can be hard to find, so I try to stay stocked up on them now. I keep a package of disinfecting wipes under the kitchen and bathroom sinks, for cleaning up those quick messes. You can get the Member’s Mark brand of wipes as a 4 pack (78 count each) for $10.94 or $2.74 a package or $0.04 per wipe. See Member’s Mark Disinfecting Wipes, Variety Pack (4 pk, 78 ct. each) here.

5. Trash Bags

If you need trash bags, check them out at Sam’s. You get 90 Member’s Mark large trash bags for $17.98 which is $0.20 a bag. See Member’s Mark Power-Guard Drawstring Bags – 33 gal. – 90 ct here.

If you prefer the smaller bags, Member’s Mark kitchen trash bags (13 gallon) are $16.89 for a 200 count box or $0.08 a bag. See Member’s Mark Power Flex Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags (13 Gallon, 2 Rolls of 100 ct, 200 count total) here.

Toiletries to Stock Up on at Sam’s Club

Toiletries can be hit or miss at Sam’s Club. If you have a Kroger nearby, you can often get your toiletries as part of their amazing sales for cheaper than at Sam’s Club. This is why it is important to know what is the cheapest grocery store. Whether you do or don’t, there are still some good deals on toiletries at Sam’s. As with everything, remember to compare the prices to save the most!

1. Deodorant

Surprisingly, Sam’s Club can be a great place to buy deodorant! Old Spice Men’s Deodorant is $10.98 for a 5 pack or $1.90 each. Secret Women’s Deodorant is $10.98 for a 5 pack or $2.20 each. To make the deal even better, watch for when deodorant goes on Instant Savings for another $2 to $3 off a package. That is when I stock up!

2. Razor Blades

Sam’s Place is an excellent place to buy razor blades! For example, a 16 pack of Venus razor blades runs $35.98 or $2.25 a blade. Even better, razor blades often go on Instant Savings for another $6 off a package. Men’s razors are also a great deal, such as 20 Gillette Mach3 for $38.48 or $1.92 a blade.

3. Vitamins

If you take vitamins, compare the Member’s Mark vitamin prices. For example, you can get a 400 count bottle of Vitamin D for only $6.98. Kid’s vitamins often go on sale too. Compare the prices and counts of vitamins at Sam’s Club to save money. See Member’s Mark Vitamin D here.

4. Baby Wipes

After comparing all the different brands of diapers at 8 different stores, I found it was cheapest to buy diapers at other stores instead of Sam’s (see results here). However, you can still get a good deal on wipes!

I know several people who love the Member’s Mark wipes! You can get a 1152 count box of baby wipes at $21.74 or $0.02 a wipe.

Interestingly enough, Huggies wipes are $16.27 on Amazon for a 704 count box which also works out to $0.02 a wipe. They are even cheaper if you subscribe and save, which is what I do!

Those you have it! Those are 25 of the best things to stockpile at Sam’s Club, that I like to buy! What do you buy at Sam’s Club?

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  1. I’ve started purchasing a stash of disposable foil pans. They’re great for meal train type meals. I just write the reheating instructions on the foil lid. Also used in our home for Lego builds and kinetic sand.
    A 36 pack of “half size” (12×10) are just under $12 or 32 cents a pan. I like to double stack the pans when giving a meal for more stability in transport. For 32 cents, I don’t mind the extra pan.

    1. Brilliant! I do the same! I think that is a great idea. I like to give meals in those disposable pans too. Definitely worth the minimal cents! Great idea for kinetic sand and Legos too. Love it!

  2. Another great buy at Sam’s Club are wet Swiffer floor pads. They are half the price than in the grocery store.

  3. Your Sam’s prices seem pretty comparable to mine in Texas. I agree with your list. Walnuts are usually much cheaper than other stores also. I try to watch for their “sales” on some cleaning items also like Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, or big bottles of Dawn, etc. Those can usually be a good deal also, especially when on sale.

    1. I find that baking items and cleaning items are cheaper at Sam’s Club. I check local sales prior to a Sam’s haul on needed items plus local farmers markets.

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