Planning for Baby & Learning How God Provides

Preparing for Baby & Learning How God Provides

March – and the due date of our baby – is quickly approaching. Each passing day and each passing week brings us closer to meeting our baby. This is a baby for whom we have waited and prayed. There have been times when the planner in me is overwhelmed because we are venturing into uncharted territory. Thankful, my husband and I are both teachers (with 22 years of combined teaching experience) so we are well acquainted with children. Plus, I’m an early childhood teacher and he’s a junior high teacher – and we both have taught elementary school. That helps us cover the full spectrum!

Still, there are baby car seats to purchase and insurance companies to call. There are lesson plans to write and meals to be made. There are classes to be taught and doctors appointments to attend. We are having a baby in a matter of weeks, and not only that, but I am transitioning from being a full-time teacher to a stay-at-home Mom. I’m preparing my students for maternity subs and preparing our home for one income.

It can be overwhelming at times, but I mostly feel joy. I feel joy because our life is changing with the birth of this baby. I also feel joy because I am seeing clearly how God is providing for us. God is providing for us in so many ways! Our income is soon going to be cut dramatically but God is already providing for us and this baby. I want to share how God is working – not to brag – but to encourage. I want to remind us all that even when we don’t know what is around the corner, God knows. And God provides. Here are some examples from our life to share with you.

  • Our hairdresser gave us a gently used crib and a crib mattress. It’s a Jenny Lind style wood crib that fits perfectly in the baby’s room.
  • A preschool Mom gave us four large diaper boxes full of adorable clothes for the baby’s first 12 months. Her son was born in March so the sizes and seasons match up perfectly.
  • A school Mom gave us a set of baby monitors that she had scarcely used with her children. I don’t care that they don’t have the video option because I just want to hear the baby.
  • My Mom brought up a like-new baby carrier and sun shield for the car that someone had discarded after a rummage sale at their church.
  • A fellow teacher friend passed on three dozen newborn diapers that her daughter outgrew before they were used. Diapers are diapers and I’m always thankful for those! She’s also loaning us her baby bassinet for the first couple weeks when we need one.
  • Both our families gave us cute baby clothes for Christmas. In addition to providing us with more outfits for the baby, the clothes were also in larger sizes that the baby has plenty of time to grow into.
  • My principal gave us a pack-n-play as well as an infant car seat that she used for her granddaughter. My in-laws are keeping these thoughtful gifts at their house for when they watch the baby.

We didn’t seek any of these gifts out. These families asked and blessed us with their generosity. God has provided for us so much already – and I know He will continue to provide. Even on the days when pennies seem tight (and I know they will feel tighter yet when I am at home), I know God is providing. God is in control. I know God is God – and I am not.

I encourage you to take a look at your own life today. How is God providing for you? How has God blessed you recently? Large or small, blessings are blessings. Rejoice in His provision!

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  1. That’s wonderful that you have had so many baby items gifted to you! What a blessing.

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