4 Important Reasons Everyone Needs a Stockpile

There are so many reasons it is important to have a stockpile. In some circles, a stockpile is equated with hoarding or something only preppers do. I want to change that perspective.

Let’s talk about why it is important that everyone – even Christians – need a stockpile! As a Christian mom myself, I think this is a perspective that is often overlooked. We need to be good stewards and take care of our families. We are not worrying about the future, but rather we are living in faith, even as we plan ahead. That is where stockpiles come in.

Here are four reasons I think it is important for everyone to have a stockpile. Whether you are young or old, single or in a large family, everyone can benefit from a stockpile.

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1. You will save money.

Yes, you may spend a bit more money initially but it will pay off when you aren’t buying products at full price. A stockpile will definitely save you money.

Say you eat a box of pasta every week. When pasta goes on sale for $0.49, you purchase a dozen boxes on sale before you need it instead of one at the regular price of $0.99 every week when you need it. That has just saved you $6 right there. Multiple that by more food items on your regular shopping list and you will see how the savings build up!

The best stockpiles are built over time and added to by purchasing sale items. Sometimes, you go out and buy things full price but then do compare the prices and make sure you are buying the cheapest regular price item you can.

As for sale shopping with your stockpile? There is a fine line about when is enough for adding to your stockpile. We’ve all seen those good deals that are just too good to pass up! My rule of thumb? If I can use it before it expires and have money in my budget, then I am going to purchase that deal.

Want to watch a video instead of reading, and hear some more of my thoughts? Here you go!

2. You are ready to entertain – and have plenty to share.

Some view having a stockpile as hoarding. This could not be further from the truth! Having a stockpile actually enables you to be generous.

Is there a family that just had a baby? You can make them a meal without going to the grocery store. Want to spontaneously have friends over for dinner? You have choices of what to cook in the pantry and freezer.

A stockpile allows you to graciously entertain and serve others without stretching your budget excessively. Cooking is one of the ways I show my love for others. My stockpile allows me to bake and cook regularly for our family and for others.

3. You have a practical emergency fund for whatever happens.

A stockpile ensures that if you lose your job or money is suddenly tight, your family will still have food to eat. A stockpile takes one stressor off your family in already stressful times.

I believe it is important for every family to have an emergency fund in cash for those unexpected emergencies. A stockpile is an additional layer of savings for your family.

Think back to last year when people were suddenly told to stay home and not shop regularly. Could you do it? What about sudden shortages? Did you have what you needed? Once you start viewing your stockpile as a practical emergency fund for your family, the whole perspective shifts. You are simply planning ahead and taking care of your family.

4. You are being a good steward.

In the Lutheran world, we talk regularly about good stewardship and being faithful with what God has given us. A stockpile is being financially responsible with our grocery budget and stretching pennies to provide for today and tomorrow.

As a Christian mom, we can take an example from the Proverbs 31 woman who “provides food for her family.” That is what we are doing with our stockpiles. We are being a good steward of what we have already been given and using that to continue to care for our families.

Stewardship is an important aspect of our everyday life as Christians so let’s not overlook that in a practical aspect at home.

There are so many reasons that having a stockpile is important but these are the four most important reasons to me. Why do YOU think it is important to have a stockpile?

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  1. I think just like you said. When the shortages happened last year would you be prepared to stay at home without shopping for awhile. Puts things into perspective. I truly hope nothing happens like that again. However, I am not taking my chances. I am slowly building things back up. Best not to be surprised again:)

    1. I completely agree, Jackie. I’ve heard it said to “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.” I think that seems like a good perspective. That, and of course, pray to God for the strength and wisdom to deal with whatever may come.

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