50 Best Items for Subscribe and Save Under $3

I am always looking for ways to save more money on things I buy, whether in store or online. In the past year, I have started intentionally using Amazon Subscribe and Save to save more money in my budget. I have learned a lot, including what the best items for Subscribe and Save really are! Here are all my tips and tricks for saving money with Amazon Subscribe and Save.

Before I jump into all the questions I know you have, please know that I not speaking officially for Amazon. I am just a frugal Mom who loves to save money…and if I can save money while shopping online? Even better. This post is my attempt at helping others save money on Amazon Subscribe and Save. So, let’s get started!

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What exactly is Amazon Subscribe and Save?

This is a program set up by Amazon where you select products to be delivered in a monthly shipment to your door. There are thousands of products available as part of this program, and there is no fee for setting up a delivery. There is no minimum or no maximum to the number of items in your shipment.

You can set the frequency of your delivery, varying from monthly to every six months. You can cancel your shipment at any time.

Amazingly, you do not need to be a Prime member to use Subscribe and Save, although Amazon says non-members MAY have a shipping fee on their first delivery.

How does Subscribe and Save work?

When you are shopping on Amazon, start to pay attention to the items that list “Subscribe & Save” below your regular purchase price.

If you are willing to wait for a couple days to save a bit more, do it! Just click “Subscribe & Save” instead of “One time purchase” and you have just set up your first Subscribe order.

I would recommend selecting deliver every 6 months, when setting up your order. You have to select a delivery time frame to place your order. If you only need a one time shipment, you can still use the Subscribe and Save option. As soon as your product arrives, just log onto your Amazon account, look for Subscriptions, and cancel the product with a click. It is super simple to do…and I do it all the time!

All the orders you select with Subscribe and Save will be delivered together on a day of the month of your choice.

You can view all the items for Subscribe and Save on their home page here.

How soon can you cancel Subscribe and Save orders?

You can cancel orders at any time, unless they are locked for shipment. I usually cancel my Subscribe and Save orders as soon as the items arrive. I use the delivery as my reminder to cancel. In case I forget, I always set my delivery for 6 months out to give me plenty of time to cancel. You will get a reminder before your order locks for delivery, in case you want to cancel later. I prefer to simply cancel right away, once my good Subscribe and Save deals arrive.

To cancel your subscriptions, go to Manage Subscriptions, Subscription and Select Cancel. You can also select skip a delivery if you prefer that option.

I do NOT receive an order every month. Some people do. That is a convenient option! I like to use this service to find the best deals, and place a couple orders a year, when the deals are really good on something I need. This is the best place I have found to buy toilet paper lately.

How can you save money with Subscribe and Save?

There are two great ways to save.

1. Include at least 5 items in every subscription order.

Why? If you subscribe to 1 to 4 items each month, you will get 5% off each order. If you subscribe to 5 or more items a month, your discount jumps to 15%. The discount stays at 15% for quantities of above 5.

Your discount applies to all Subscribe and Save items purchased in a month, scheduled for the same auto delivery. You will see the 5% on your first 4 subscriptions, but once you order the fifth item, your price will be adjusted so all 5 items include the 15% off. Your credit card is not charged until items ship.

Please note that when Amazon says 5 subscriptions, it means 5 different items, regardless of quantities. You can’t order 5 toothpastes for this to work. Instead, you would need to order 3 toothpaste, 1 bar of soap, 1 bottle of foundation, 1 box of Ticonderoga pencils and 2 pillow cases (if they are all Subscribe and Save items) to get to the 15% discount.

Remember, you can place these orders throughout the month. I do! I rarely purchase multiple items at one time. When I see a good deal, then I add it to my subscriptions. I do make sure to pay attention to how many orders I have placed to know when I am close to 5.

2. Stack the subscription discount with clippable coupons.

This is something you have to keep your eyes on, but often times products will offer an extra 25% to 50% off your first subscription. These coupons are in addition to your subscription discount!

For example, this is the primary way I buy my Boston contact solution now. It costs $8.87 for one bottle at my local Walmart. Amazon sells a 2 pack for $17.98. At this price, it is cheaper to buy it at Walmart. When I get 5% off, the price drops to $17.08 or $8.54 a bottle, now cheaper than Walmart. If you get the 15% off, the price drops even more to $15.28 or $7.64 a bottle.

Last month, Amazon had a stackable coupon for 25% off my first Subscribe and Save order on Boston solution. I also had a 15% discount, which took my final price to $10.78 or $5.39 a bottle! I was able to get 2 bottles, shipped to my door, significantly cheaper than the everyday low price at Walmart. When you stack coupons and discounts, this is how you save the most money on Amazon Subscribe and Save.

How do you maximize Subscribe and Save?

The best way to maximize your savings is to make sure you always have 5 items in your subscribe and save order.

If you don’t have 5 items, fill in your order with cheap Subscribe and Save items that you need. See the list below for 50 cheap subscribe and save fillers. This is a great way to make sure you get the full discount!

Say you have 3 subscribe and save items you really need this month, and don’t know what else to order. I spent a lot of time looking through Amazon to find cheap items that help me get the maximum discount. One of my favorites? Fels-Naptha soap! But there are lots of other cheap Subscribe and Save items available as well. I compiled a list of the absolute cheapest Subscribe and Save items I could find to share with you as well.

Here are MORE than 50 of the best Subscribe and Save deals on Amazon.

These Amazon prices are all current as of November 2023. Due to Amazon prices changing, this post will be updated on a regular basis to help you save the most money on your Subscribe and Save orders.

My Go-To Subscribe Items

Cheapest Subscribe and Save Items $1 or Less

Amazon Subscribe and Save Deals Under $2

Best Subscribe and Save Items Less Than $3

There are so many deals available with Subscribe and Save, you could even place an order of 5 or more items from the above list and score some great bargain deals – all from the comfort of your couch!

Now that you know the best Amazon subscribe and save deals, pin this post to make sure you can always access this list to use as cheap filler items for your next subscribe and save purchase.

Do you have any tips or tricks for ordering with Amazon Subscribe and Save? What are your go to orders? Still have questions? Ask in the comments and I will do my best to help!

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    1. It depends. Some yes, and some no. BUT, if you are buying one of these items to get the 15% off more expensive items that you need, it can definitely be worth it to pay a little more at Amazon than you would at Aldi. It’s all about knowing how to stack the deals and what the savings are worth to you! 🙂

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