Simple Savings: Combine errands.

Day 14 in the Simple Savings Series. Combine errands to save money.

We are all well aware of the high gas prices. Even when gas gets “cheaper,” it is still expensive. Any thing you can do to conserve gas will save you money. The best way to save gas is to simply stay home. Sometimes, that is easier said than done, especially when we work!

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Let’s start with staying at home. Can you eliminate one day of driving from your schedule? Can you try to stay home on Saturdays? Can you work from home on any given day? I teach music two afternoons a week while staying home with my son the rest of the week. There are often appointments or errands to run on those other days, but as much as I am able, I attempt to consolidate my driving.

I have learned to combine my errands to save money. It only makes sense that when I use gas to drive away from home, I use a little bit more to drive to the nearby places, rather than driving home and back again. For example, if I am going to grocery shop at Meijer, I drive a bit further down the road to shop at Kroger. Then, I might follow it up with a stop by Target before picking up my books at the library. I try to run whatever errands I can productively do in one trip to save gas money. This also saves me time! I would much rather spend one long afternoon running errands than doing a couple here and there on three separate occasions.

It’s not difficult to do this but it does take planning. Make the practice of combining errands a habit and you will soon see the savings!

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  1. I do this all the time especially since we live in a small town. It’s a pain to keep going out since everything is farther away so it makes sense to do it all at once.

    1. Likewise. We live in a small town, so when I go into the city (even though it only takes me 15 minutes), I try to do everything at once. It saves so much time this way!

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