Simple Savings: Make foaming hand soap.

15 - Make foaming hand soap.

This may be one of my favorite simple ways to save. I’ve been making my own foaming hand soap for years now. I have saved myself from buying dozens of bottles of soap – and my hands are just as clean! 🙂 It’s very simple. I’ve written about how to make foaming soap before but here’s a recap.

Buy a foaming bottle of hand soap. This is very important. You can’t do this in a regular soap bottle. It is the one expense – that you’ll recoup quickly. Once you use the bottle of foaming hand soap you purchased, you’re ready to make your own. Simply squeeze regular hand soap in the bottom of your foaming soap bottle. Put in enough soap to cover the bottom of the bottle. It doesn’t take much. Then, pour water to an inch from the top. Screw the lid back on and shake it up. Ta-da! Frugal foaming hand soap.

Foaming Soap

See how simple? With this method, I can easily turn one bottle of regular hand soap into 8 (or more!) bottles of foaming hand soap. I encourage you all to try making your own foaming hand soap so you can experience the great savings as well.

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    1. I know! It was a revelation to me when I started making foaming soap. It really makes a little bit last a long way! Plus, what kid doesn’t like to use foaming soap?

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