You Might Be a Lutheran if…

I am a Lutheran.

I was born to a Lutheran pastor and his Lutheran school teacher wife. I was baptized, confirmed and married in a Lutheran church.

I attended Lutheran grade school, high school and college. I teach in a Lutheran school.

I am blessed with a Lutheran heritage – simply put, a love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the knowledge that He is the only way to heaven. I am daily thankful that we are saved by grace, not by works.

I know the beliefs of Lutherans and I also know the quirks of Lutherans. We are a lovable bunch, even if we are hesitant to embrace change!

For this reason, this Lutheran list rings quite true and always makes me smile. These have floated around for years with no known authors. Can you understand and empathize with any of these?

Have a good Lutheran laugh today…and give thanks for the joy God brings into our lives!

You Might Be a Lutheran if…

…when you were little you actually thought the Reverend’s first name was “Pastor.”

…you only serve Jell-O in the proper liturgical color for the season.

…during the entire service you hold your hymnal open but never look down at it.

…you think Garrison Keillor’s stories are totally factual.

…you have your wedding reception in the fellowship hall and feel guilty about not staying to help clean up.

…in response to someone jumping up and shouting “Praise the Lord!”, you politely remind him or her that we don’t do that around here.

…you hear something really funny and smile as loud as you can.

…it takes 10 minutes (or more) to say good-bye.

…you’re watching “Star Wars” in the theatre and when they say, “May the force be with you,” you reply, “and also with you.”

…Bach is your favorite composer just because he was Lutheran, too.

…you actually think the pastor’s jokes are funny.

…you know all the words to the first verse of “Silent Night” in German but can’t speak a word of it.

…you have an uncontrollable urge to sit in the back of any room.

…your mother reminds you often that she wishes you’d studied the organ.

…you think that an ELCA Lutheran bride and an LCMS groom make for a “mixed marriage.”

…you hold your family reunion in the church basement.

…you sing “Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus” while sitting down.

…sharing the peace during the service takes more time than the sermon.

…all your relatives graduated from a school named Concordia.

…your idea of an affirmation is “This is most certainly true.”

What would YOU add to this list?

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  1. Funny! I grew up in a Presbyterian Church and there are a few of these that would apply to us, as well. Ha. 🙂

    I’m excited to see your blog, Kristen–looks like you’re off to a great start!

    1. Thanks, Julia! Isn’t it funny how churches are like that? 🙂 I love reading your blog, so thanks for reading mine! Do tell Lily and Jacob hello for me, too!

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