A Real, Honest Look at Life on One Income

When I began staying home with our children, just over two years ago now, we began our life on one income. We didn’t really realize how much our income had dropped until we filed our taxes. We knew things were tighter but we just made it work. It surprised us to realize our income had dropped 48%! 

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Life on one income isn’t easy but it can be done. This is how we’ve chosen to live our life for now, but I know there are many who wonder how it can be done. For that very reason, I wanted to share an honest look at our life on one income.

I’m truly honored to be sharing my perspective with a guest post on Creative Savings Blog today. If you aren’t familiar with Kalyn’s blog, you should be! It’s one of my favorites to read. You can read the full post here for a real and honest look at our life on one income.

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  1. I’m so excited to have you share your story! It’s incredibly inspiring and has already encouraged me to be more creative with a limited income!

    1. Thank you so much, Kalyn! As we both know, there are definitely hard days but with hard work – and faith – it can be done!

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