A Ready to Go ABC Theme Preschool Curriculum

Looking for help in teaching your preschooler at home? This ready to go ABC preschool curriculum provides all the resources and help you need – in an easy to use format!

I am so excited to share this new resource with you! You see, I am a trained teacher. My first teaching Call was to teach Kindergarten in the mornings and Pre-Kindergarten in the afternoons. I taught this combination for 5 years, until I got married and moved, and loved every minute of it! After spending three years teaching 3rd and 4th grade, I moved back down to Preschool at a different Lutheran school. I taught another 2 years in preschool before my son, Nathan was born. That was 6 years ago and I’ve been at home teaching our own children ever since.

I absolutely loved teaching preschool! There is so much excitement and learning that takes place at this young age. When I started staying home, I began teaching our children in a similar style. I started by using some of the same books and activities, and then gradually added more books and activities that worked even better at home when I could be one on one with a child. I used these things with Nathan (6) and Emma (4) and now it is time to start using them with Lily (2). Caleb will get his turn in a couple of years!

When everyone was home suddenly last March, I knew it was time to brush up these activities and share them with other moms. I had a lot of questions from Moms who were looking for simple homeschool preschool ideas. I knew creating and sharing everything I used was the answer.

I compiled everything I have used (and added even more!) into a complete preschool curriculum that is ready to be used at home. Yes! And as of today, I am happy to announce that this Ready to Go, ABC Theme Preschool Curriculum is for sale!

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Why a ready to go preschool curriculum? 

Over the years, I created a simple ABC theme curriculum that I have used with my children. I took some things from my years teaching preschool and Kindergarten, and added more activities to round out the themes.

As I developed it, I knew I wanted to share all these resources and ideas with moms who are looking for simple preschool activities to do at home to teach their little ones.

It is simple because it lays everything out for you, but this curriculum is by no means light on content. There is plenty of material included to use with your children for a full week of learning. Rather, think of it as a ready to go curriculum that has done all the planning for you!

As a teacher, I know how important the early years are for laying the building blocks. I have an Elementary Education and Early Childhood teaching degree, as well as a Masters in Education. I spent 5 years teaching Kindergarten, as well as 7 years in a Preschool classroom, before staying home with my own children. I know how much books impact children as well as the fun of planning themed learning activities to engage students.

As a mom, I know how busy the early years can be. There are meals to cook, laundry to do, errands to run, and yes, children to take care of. Spending the time to teach them at home sounds overwhelming. You don’t have the time to spend hours pouring over books and through Pinterest activities to find ideas to use with your children. With this curriculum, you don’t have to spend hours preparing because I have done all the work for you! 

What’s included?

This ABC curriculum is an 85 page ebook – in pdf format for you to use and print. It is delivered within minutes of payment, via email.

This curriculum includes 2 pages of content for each letter of the alphabet. Each letter theme includes:

  • 10 (or more) themed books
  • 10 activities
  • a Journal prompt
  • cooking / snack ideas
  • Letter art ideas
  • A printable worksheet for each letter of the alphabet to use for tracing and coloring

One of the highlights of this curriculum? Lots of excellent book recommendations! With 10 (or more) books per letter, plus additional lists for alphabet books, you will have recommendations for over 300 excellent books to use with your preschoolers. Books are an excellent way to teach your children – simply by reading! You can find many of these books at the library, and then slowly purchase your favorites from Amazon as you choose. 

You can download a sample here to see what a letter looks like. 

What ABC themes are included?

I picked themes that many preschoolers and my own children have enjoyed. All these themes have lots of great books and activities to accompany them. The themes I used are below.

  • A is for Apple
  • B is for Books
  • C is for Colors
  • D is for Dog
  • E is for Elephant
  • F is for Fairy Tales
  • G is for Gingerbread Men
  • H is for Hats
  • I is for Ice Cream
  • J is for Jungle
  • K is for Kings and Queens
  • L is for Lions
  • M is for Mittens
  • N is for Nursery Rhymes
  • O is for Ocean
  • P is for Penguins
  • Q is for Quilts
  • R is for Rhyming
  • S is for Silly Stories
  • T is for Transportation
  • U is for Umbrellas
  • V is for Violins
  • W is for Weather
  • X is for X-ray and eXercise
  • Y is for Yummy
  • Z is for Zoo

How do I use this curriculum?

That’s the beauty of this curriculum. There is a lot of flexibility in it!

Each letter has its own page so you can print the page for the week and be ready to go. Each letter is summarized on 2 pages. You can print the entire curriculum at once or each letter as you come to it. You can use this curriculum in alphabetical sequence or jump around as you choose. 

With 10 (or more) books and 10 (or more) activities for each letter, you have plenty to choose from. You can decide which activities to do on specific days. You can do all of them in one week or only a few. Reading my ideas and activities may give you more ideas for activities of your own, too!

A week or two before you start a letter, request the theme books from your local library or order some new ones on Amazon. I recommend putting all your books for the week in a special book basket and read them multiple times throughout the week. I highly recommend you add an alphabet book or two, as well as a nursery rhyme book, to your themed books for the week. 

Pick the activities you want to use with your child and gather any supplies necessary. Almost all of the activities can be done with materials already found in your home. 

Set aside a time of day when you plan to work with your child. Make a tentative schedule, even if it is as simple as writing a day of the week by the activities you plan to use. Life gets busy so give yourself grace if you miss a day. Just remember that you will accomplish more if you have a plan!

So, really? You can print this ready to go curriculum and hit the ground running!

Who is this ebook for? 

This curriculum is written for moms – to use in their home. As a mom, I wanted this curriculum to be clear and easy to use. You can print it and be ready to go! No extra fluff. No expensive materials needed. Just lots of lists and ideas you can start using right away.

This curriculum can also be used by early childhood educators who are looking for themed ideas to use in their own classroom. Some of the activities may need to be tweaked for a classroom setting, but teachers are excellent at adjusting plans!

What are moms saying about this curriculum?

You don’t have to take my word on it. Here is what some other moms are saying about this curriculum! I’m truly honored by their enthusiasm.

“I love that this curriculum is play and activity based – the best way for littles to learn! The layout is easy to follow and has ideas and activities that are easy to incorporate into your daily schedule and rhythm with your kids. As a mom with four small kids, I appreciate that the planning is already done for me. I can simply look at the theme for the week and have it all laid out for me! It’s easy to do yet I know I wouldn’t sit there and think of doing all these things myself, so it’s really helpful having it all there for me. We also love reading so the detailed book lists are the perfect resource for our trips to the library. I am excited about using it with my kids!” – Mikaela, Homeschooling Mom of 4

“What a fun and creative way to bring the ABC’s to life. Each letter of the alphabet has a themed book list along with fun activities and snack ideas that my 4 year old is sure to enjoy (and his older sisters too). I also LOVE that a majority of the activities are things that can be done with items I have around the house already, which makes for less time I have to spend gathering and buying extra items.” – Bethany, Homeschooling Mom of 4

“This ebook is filled with helpful information and resources for any parent who has little ones at home. It is easy to follow, offers a variety of options with each unit and provides a great foundation for educating your child at home. Whether you are homeschooling or just wanting to add educational activities to your little one’s day, it is a must-have resource!” – Andrea, Mom of 4

How can I buy this curriculum? 

Are you interested? Great! You can buy the entire 85 page ebook in my Etsy shop right here!

The price for the entire curriculum is only $10!

There is a lot included for this low price but I want to price it reasonably so any mom – even those on a tight budget – can afford this ebook.

Go buy the curriculum and start using it today!

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