75 Best Fairy Tale Books for Kindergarten & Preschool

If you are looking for the absolute best fairy tale books for Kindergarten, this list includes many classic fairy tales and variations that will delight students and teachers alike.

As a Kindergarten and Preschool teacher, I have always loved reading fairy tales with my students. Sadly, many children today do not know the classic fairy tales so I believe it is an important unit for Kindergarteners.

Fairy tales are important to read because they encourage imagination plus they often teach an important life lesson. Fairy tales also inspire a love of reading, because they are so enjoyable to read!

As a Mom, I have developed quite a collection of fairy tale picture books to read to my own four children. We have read many fairy tales together over the years! You will find many of the books listed below in my own house, where I have read them countless times to my children.

The following list are the highlights of what I believe are truly the best fairy tale books for Kindergarten.

There are so many classic stories available to share with our students! With each fairy tale, I like to read the original stories as well as several different variations. This allows the students to truly learn the fairy tale, plus we can compare and contrast the different versions.

For each fairy tale below, I have included at least 10 books so you have plenty of choices to choose if you do one fairy tale for a full week of Kindergarten. If you want to do one fairy tale a day, there are still lots of choices!

However you choose to use this fairy tale book list, I hope it will help you find the best fairy tale books that you love to read too!

Note: Click on any of the bold titles of the books below to see more information about any of the fairy tales mentioned.

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Best Goldilocks and the Three Bears Books

If you are looking for a good place to start with fairy tale books for Kindergarten, start with Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. Goldilocks is a classic fairy tale and one that some children may have already heard. Goldilocks is one of those fairy tale characters every one loves. This story naturally lends itself to many good sequencing activities for small, medium and large. There are some wonderful versions of Goldilocks. that Kindergarten and preschool children love!

Best Three Little Pigs Books

Another favorite fairy tale for many young children is the 3 Little Pigs. There is something about a big, bad wolf that huffs and puffs that little kids love! Once again, there are several clever twists of this story.

Best Gingerbread Man Books

The Gingerbread Man is one of my favorite fairy tales to read in Kindergarten! After reading several variations, we bake a Gingerbread Man of our own and he runs away, leaving notes for us to follow over the school. Thankfully, our principal catches him every time! The repetition of this story makes it a classic story and there are many fun versions of this story to read.

Best Three Billy Goats Gruff Books

Some people might shy away from this fairy tale due to the scary troll for preschoolers, but by Kindergarten, your students will enjoy this fairy tale as well. The books included on this list all feature illustrations that are more charming than scary.

Best Little Red Riding Hood Books

The story of Little Red Riding Hood is another classic story. The original fairy tale is the perfect tool for discussing stranger safety, too. Plus, there are many fun twists on the original title.

Best Little Red Hen Books

The Little Red Hen is a fairy tale about hard work and perseverance. You can have many good discussions about what is fair and why it is important to work together.

Best Cinderella Books

Many young girls have only heard the Disney version of Cinderella so it is great to compare different versions of Cinderella in Kindergarten. There are also many different Cinderella versions around the world from different cultures you can compare and contrast.

Other Fairy Tale Books to Enjoy

There are many other traditional fairy tales to read as well. Just remember that the traditional stories are often darker than the Disney version. Don’t just take my recommendations as the only option because there are so many versions available! Try reading a couple different versions before you choose the original stories you want to share with your students.

Here are a couple more well-loved fairy tales to read with your Kindergarten class.

Now you have a wide variety of perfect fairy tale books to use within your Kindergarten or Preschool classroom – or read at home with your own children. Is your favorite fairy tale on this book list?

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