Counting Down to Christmas: Activities for the Wait

It’s December! It’s the month of CHRISTmas! This month always seems to fly by quicker than we realize. There are so many things to do but we don’t want to miss out on the joy of the season. Still, it can be hard to wait for Christmas so I came up with a list of 25 Christmas activities for the days leading up to Christmas.

This list of activities is simple. Nothing extravagant here but it does encourage me to chose something special to do each day. These are activities that anyone – single or married, with kids or without – can do. They don’t have to be done in any specific order. Feel free to repeat a couple of items because there is lots of Christmas music to listen to. Besides, I’ll be drinking more than one cup of hot chocolate in the upcoming weeks!

I hope this list encourages us all to make the most of all our days – especially those leading up to the most special day and celebration of the year! I’m looking forward to counting down the days until Christmas! Let’s make the most of this Christmas wait and all our days!

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1. Decorate your Christmas tree.

2. Read The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry. There is much to be taken away from this beautiful short story.

3. Go to an Advent church service. Many churches hold them on Wednesday nights throughout Advent.

4. Make a cup of hot chocolate from scratch. Top it with marshmallows or whipped cream and drink it slowly.

5. Read a Christmas children’s book because picture book aren’t just for children!

6. Listen to your favorite Christmas cd. ""A Family Christmas by the Piano Guys is my new favorite and constantly on repeat in my cd player! Christmas music makes any activity – even doing the dishes – much more festive.

7. Drive around to look at the Christmas lights. This is easy to plan for or make happen spontaneously.

8. Bake a batch (or two or three) of Christmas cookies. Candy cane cookies, buckeyes and peanut clusters are all on my list.

9. Sit in the dark and enjoy your own Christmas tree lights.

10. Watch a Christmas movie. White Christmas is my favorite while my husband votes for ""It’s a Wonderful Life. We both enjoy ""Elf though.

11. Boil Christmas potpourri on the stove or light a Christmas scented candle. There’s nothing quite like the holiday smell of Christmas!

12. Write a Christmas letter to someone just because it’s Christmas. Won’t that someone be delighted to receive a handwritten note in the mail from you?

13. Sing Christmas carols. Whether with a cd or with the piano or by yourself in the shower, sing your favorites.

14. Share a plate of Christmas cookies with a friend, neighbor or coworker.

15. Wrap your gifts while listening to Christmas music, of course.

16. Eat dinner by the light of candles and your Christmas tree lights.

17. Make homemade caramel corn. My Mom’s recipe is my favorite!

18. Take a family Christmas picture by the tree.

19. Host – or attend – a Christmas party. Or if you prefer to keep things simple, invite some friends over for dinner.

20. Mail Christmas cards to family and friends. Add a handwritten note or a letter in the cards for a personal touch.

21. Attend a Christmas concert or recital.

22. Serve hot wassail for breakfast and / or sparkling cider with dinner.

23. Read Luke 2 for the Reason behind this Season.

24. Open presents with your family. Take time to savor the surprises and delight.

25. Go to church to celebrate Jesus’ birth on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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