Free Printable Christmas Planner to Help You Get Ready for Christmas

No matter the time of year, it is always good to plan ahead. I plan for Christmas year around but once November hits, my to do list really starts to grow. I don’t put up decorations until after Thanksgiving because I want to savor each season. But once December 1st arrives? I am in full Christmas preparation mode! When I started thinking about all there was to do, I realized it would be helpful to have a Christmas planner to get organized for the season.

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I love my bullet journal and have lots of lists in there, but sometimes? Sometimes you need specific lists for a specific purpose. I looked around at a lot of Christmas planners that were available online but couldn’t find one that had everything I wanted. What did I want?

I wanted a planner that was simple but elegant. I wanted a planner that printed nicely without lots of images and using up all my printer ink. I wanted a couple different calendars and a couple different lists. I wanted options for my Christmas card list. I wanted lists with some ideas on them and lots of blank spaces for me to add to it.

Over the course of a couple nights, I prepared a dozen sheets that contained exactly what I wanted…and then I added a couple more versions of certain pages to it. This free Christmas planner is the result. 

For example, I couldn’t decide if I wanted a planner page to record all my Christmas card addresses or a checklist to check off when I mailed the Christmas cards. I included both. I prepared a December calendar for 2018, 2019 and a blank one – to be prepared for years to come.

I’m most excited about having a list to plan for all my holiday baking! I love to bake so I created a checklist of all the various things I want to bake and then a corresponding calendar so to figure out when to bake certain items. If you are a baker, this list will definitely help you get ahead of the baking game!

I love this holiday baking plan included in this free Christmas planner! What a great idea to get organized!

This Christmas planner isn’t incredibly fancy but it is practical. It includes lists that you can use again and again. For example, you can print a “Gifts Received” page for each person in your family to record all the gifts received and thank you’s written.

If you have a lot of Christmas parties to host, it’s easy to print a page for each party or event. Lots of Christmas card addresses to remember and organize? Print off as many pages as you need this year – and save them for next year to be ahead of the game.

What is included in this Christmas planner?

  • Christmas To Do List
  • December Calendar (Dated and Blank
  • Special Events to Remember
  • Party Planning Page
  • Christmas Card Address List
  • Christmas Card Mailing List
  • Christmas Gifts Shopping List
  • Christmas Wish List
  • Christmas Gifts Received
  • Christmas Baking List
  • Holiday Baking Plan Calendar
  • Christmas Bucket List
  • Christmas Movie Checklist

What busy mom doesn’t want to get more organized for the wonderful Christmas season? The entire planner is available for free to all my email subscribers. Simply sign up for my newsletter list in the box below and receive instant access to the printable planner in your email.

I hope this printable Christmas planner helps you have a very merry and organized Christmas!

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