Printable List of All Hallmark Christmas Movies 2015 – 2019

If you love Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, here is a complete list of Hallmark Christmas movies from 2015 to 2019. Use the printable lists to make your own Christmas movie challenge!

Every year, Hallmark debuts new holiday movies. Yes, they are predictable romantic Christmas movies of unexpected love in a small hometown. Are they still enjoyable to watch? Of course! Do they get you in the holiday spirit? Most definitely, yes! Will I find time to watch some of the new Christmas movies each holiday season? Yes, indeed!

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If you are looking for a complete list of all the Hallmark Christmas movies from the past two decades, these movie lists are for you. Because there are SO many Christmas movies that Hallmark has released in the past years, I have broken this down into several lengthy different lists. 

In this list, I will feature the movies from 2015 to 2019. You can view the early years of Hallmark Christmas movies from 2010 to 2014 here. The most current list of Hallmark Christmas movies from 2020 to 2023 is found here

I have broken them down by release year and included a brief description of each film so you can choose which ones to watch. I also included the main actors and actresses, so if you have a favorite, you can probably find him or her in more than one Christmas movie! 

I also included a free printable list of all the Hallmark Christmas movies so you can make your own movie challenge. Print off a copy and make your own Hallmark Channel Countdown – this Christmas, or any time of the year!

Reruns of previous holiday movies will play during the Christmas season on Hallmark. If you don’t have Hallmark, you can borrow many of these Christmas movies from your local library.

You can also rent or buy individual movies or movie sets on Amazon. I have included links to all the videos that I was able to find on Amazon. Simply click on the underlined titles to view the movie directly. These links will show the options to purchase a physical dvd, or rent / purchase a digital copy, depending on the movie.

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Now, let’s get to all the Hallmark movies! You can jump to a specific year, or read through the list in its entirety. So many Christmas movies to watch!

List of Hallmark Christmas Movies 2019

Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses
A few weeks before Christmas, Abbey is hired to decorate businessman Nick’s estate. As she works to maintain the holiday spirit, she also strives to break through Nick’s emotional barriers. Starring Jill Wagner, Matthew Davis, and Donna Mills.

Merry and Bright
Cate, CEO of the Merry & Bright Candy Cane Company, meets Gabe during the hectic Christmas season and mistakenly believes he is a suitor arranged by her mother, not realizing he is actually from Empire Corporate Recovery, tasked with improving the company’s profitability. As they collaborate on enhancing the business, Cate and Gabe discover they share much more than just sharp business acumen. Starring Jodie Sweetin and Andrew Walker.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt
Belinda’s holiday visit to her hometown becomes complicated when she must partner with her ex, Dustin, for the town’s annual Christmas scavenger hunt. Starring Kevin McGarry and Kim Shaw.

Picture a Perfect Christmas
A photographer returns home for the holidays to care for her grandmother and ends up helping a neighbor by looking after his nephew. Starring Merritt Patterson and Jon Cor.

The Mistletoe Secret
When Aria Eubank persuades a famous travel writer to feature her hometown of Midway, Utah, she faces a romantic dilemma between the charming yet arrogant Sterling Masters and his ghostwriter Alex Bartlett, the true talent and the man who genuinely falls for her. Starring Kellie Pickler, Tyler Hynes and Patrick Duffy.

Christmas Under the Stars
After career-driven Nick is fired at Christmastime, he takes a job at a Christmas tree lot, where he meets astronomy teacher Julie and, inspired by the holiday spirit and his growing feelings for her, discovers the joy of helping others. Starring Jesse Metcalfe, Autumn Reeser and Clarke Peters.

Write Before Christmas
Recently single, Jessica sends Christmas cards to those who have shaped her life: the aunt who raised her, her younger brother in the military, a pop star whose music defined her youth, the music teacher who inspired her, and her always-honest best friend. Starring Torrey DeVitto and Chad Michael Murray.

Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays
World-traveler Harper returns to Memphis to nanny for wealthy widower Owen, navigating their growing connection as they prepare for a joint event at Graceland, where she must decide if she’ll make Memphis her permanent home after rediscovering the joy of family and community. Starring Kaitlin Doubleday, Adrian Grenier and Priscilla Presley.

Cherished Memories: A Gift to Remember 2
A year after Darcy accidentally ran over Aiden, who has since recovered from amnesia, their love persists. Darcy plans a special Christmas gift for him—a first edition signed copy of his favorite book—and in return, Aiden creates a heartfelt replica of her hometown, including a surprise that could change their lives and save her beloved rec center from closing. Starring Ali Liebert, Peter Porte and Tina Lifford.

A Christmas Duet
Formerly acclaimed music duo Averie and Jesse have drifted apart: Averie now manages a picturesque lodge in snowy Vermont, while Jesse continues to tour, seeking to recapture their former success. As fate reunites them at Averie’s lodge for the annual Yuletide Festival, they wonder if Christmas magic can mend their fractured partnership. Starring Chaley Rose, Rome Flynn and Teryl Rothery.

Check Inn to Christmas
New York City lawyer Julia Crawley returns to her Rocky Mountain hometown and family inn for the holidays, where she becomes entangled in a longstanding feud with the rival innkeepers, the Mason family, and finds herself drawn into a forbidden romance with Ryan Mason amidst escalating competition. Starring Rachel Boston, Wes Brown and Richard Karn.

The Christmas Club
Two strangers, Olivia Bennett and Edward Taylor, cross paths while assisting an elderly woman in retrieving her lost Christmas savings, discovering true love amidst fate and holiday enchantment. Starring Elizabeth Mitchell and Cameron Mathison.

Christmas at the Plaza
As Christmas nears in New York City, archival historian Jessica is tasked with curating a holiday exhibition at The Plaza Hotel where she collaborates with Nick, a charming decorator, leading to a blossoming romance. Starring Elizabeth Henstridge, Ryan Paevey, Bruce Davison and Julia Duffy.

Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy
A skeptical journalist arrives in Evergreen to investigate the town’s enthusiastic Christmas traditions and the search for a rumored Christmas Time Capsule. Starring Maggie Lawson and Paul Greene.

Christmas in Rome
An independent-minded American tour guide named Angela loses her job in Rome just before Christmas and unexpectedly meets Oliver, an American executive, who hires her to show him around the Eternal City to understand its essence, unaware he might also discover her heart and soul along the way. Starring Lacey Chabert and Sam Page.

Christmas Town
Leaving Boston behind for a fresh start, Lauren Gabriel’s journey takes an unexpected turn to Grandon Falls, where she finds new chapters unfolding in love and family, rekindling her belief in the magic of Christmas. Starring Candace Cameron Bure, Tim Rozon and Beth.

A Christmas Love Story
A youth choir director, tasked with composing a major song for a Christmas Eve performance, finds her focus diverted when a boy with an exceptional voice unexpectedly joins her choir, much to the surprise of his widowed father. Starring Kristin Chenoweth, Scott Wolf, Keith Robinson and Kevin Quinn.

Christmas at Dollywood
When a New York City event planner returns to Tennessee to oversee the Christmas festivities at Dollywood, she teams up with the head of operations who initially believes he can handle the event by himself. Starring Danica McKellar. Niall Matter and Dolly Parton.

Holiday Date
Brooke, recently dumped before Christmas, recruits actor Joel to pose as her holiday boyfriend, originally described to her family as a Christmas enthusiast, but faces a dilemma when she learns he’s Jewish. As their relationship evolves, blending Christmas and Hanukkah traditions, they must navigate revealing their ruse and deciding whether to acknowledge their genuine feelings for each other. Starring Brittany Bristow and Matt Cohen.

A Cheerful Christmas
Lauren and her best friend Colleen land their dream job as ‘Christmas Coaches,’ aiming to create magical holidays for their clients, including the royal Anderson family who have relocated from England. Despite James, the eldest son, initially resisting Christmas planning due to work commitments, Lauren’s persistence in uncovering their family traditions leads to sparks flying between them, complicated by competition from James’s old childhood friend and colleague. Now, Lauren must navigate her growing feelings for James while ensuring the Andersons experience their most memorable Christmas yet. Starring Erica Deutschman and Chad Connell.

Double Holiday
Rebecca, a career-driven woman facing unexpected changes during Hanukkah due to a promotion opportunity, finds herself reluctantly partnered with Chris, her competitive office mate, to organize the company’s Christmas party. As they navigate their differences, Chris discovers Rebecca’s Hanukkah traditions, leading to a newfound understanding and a blossoming connection, complicated by their ongoing rivalry for the promotion. Starring Carly Pope and Kristoffer Polaha.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
As rival mayors of neighboring New Hampshire towns compete fiercely in the annual “Christmas Spirit Competition,” Liam and Sarah unite forces when both towns reach the final round, realizing that cooperation might lead to victory and unexpectedly finding love as they collaborate on a festive celebration showcasing their communities’ Christmas spirit. Starring Eric Mabius and Tricia Helfer.

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List of Hallmark Christmas Movies 2018

Christmas at Pemberley Manor
Elizabeth Bennett, a New York event planner, is sent to organize a holiday festival in a quaint town where she clashes with William Darcy, a billionaire planning to sell the estate she wants to use. Despite their initial conflicts, they collaborate on the festival and develop feelings for each other, but face challenges when the event is shut down and Darcy proceeds with selling the estate, leaving Elizabeth hopeful for a Christmas miracle to save both the festival and their budding romance. Starring Jessica Lowndes and Michael Rady.

Christmas Joy
Joy Holbrook, a driven market researcher in DC, rushes back to her hometown in Crystal Falls, NC to assist her recovering aunt and reluctantly takes charge of the town’s renowned “Cookie Crawl” competition, reconnecting with her former crush Ben as she navigates the festive challenge. Starring Danielle Panabaker and Matt Long.

Road to Christmas
Maggie Baker, a Los Angeles television producer, falls for Danny Wise, the son of Julia Wise, and her attempt to reunite Danny with his brothers and mother during a live Christmas broadcast in Vermont leads her to rediscover the importance of family and friendship during the holiday season. Starring Jessy Schram and Chad Michael Murray.

It’s Christmas, Eve
Interim school superintendent Eve grapples with budget cuts threatening her neighbor Liam’s music program in their hometown, but they collaborate to save it using a friend’s website, fostering a burgeoning romance amid the holiday season. Starring LeAnn Rimes and Tyler Hynes.

Christmas in Love
Ellie, a crafter at a small town bakery known for Christmas Kringles, clashes with Nick, a CEO aiming to modernize the bakery, leading Ellie to grapple with her growing affection for him and a choice between trusting him and following her entrepreneurial aspirations. Starring Brooke D’Orsay and Daniel Lissing.

Christmas at Graceland
Laurel, a Chicago business executive, reconnects with her former musical partner Clay in Memphis while negotiating a takeover of the city’s oldest family-owned bank, reigniting her passion for music and a possible new direction in life. Starring Kellie Pickler and Wes Brown.

Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa
During an unexpected Christmas visit to Evergreen, Lisa endeavors to reopen the town’s closed historic general store with the help of local contractor Kevin, leading to unexpected discoveries and a renewed sense of community spirit that brings her closer to Kevin and the town. Starring Jill Wagner, Mark Deklin, Holly Robinson-Peete and Barbara Niven.

Reunited at Christmas
Samantha Murphy’s late grandmother orchestrates a heartfelt Christmas reunion for the family, prompting reflections on love, second chances, and a comedic twist when Samantha’s premature acceptance of her boyfriend Simon’s marriage proposal leads to an awkward situation. Starring Nikki DeLoach and Mike Faiola.

Christmas at the Palace
Katie, a former professional ice skater, is hired by King Alexander of San Senova to train his daughter for a Christmas ice skating performance, leading to a budding romance between Katie and the king that faces opposition due to local traditions. Starring Merritt Patterson and Andrew Cooper.

Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe
Darcy returns home for Christmas and collaborates with old rival Luke to organize a charity event, prompting her to reevaluate her priorities, reconnect with her family, mend fences with her father, and possibly find love with Luke. Starring Lacey Chabert and Brendan Penny.

Christmas Everlasting
Lucy receives the life-changing news of becoming a partner at her law firm, but her plans are interrupted by the sudden passing of her sister Alice, who had special needs. Lucy then returns home to unravel the peculiar terms of Alice’s will. Starring Tatyana Ali, Dondré T. Whitfield, Dennis Haysbert, and Patti LaBelle.

A Shoe Addict’s Christmas
Noelle navigates love, reconnects with her father, and pursues career aspirations during the holiday season, aided by a quirky guardian angel during a locked-in department store Christmas Eve, guiding her through a journey of past, present, and future Christmases to discover the true spirit of the season and embrace new opportunities for fulfillment. Starring Candace Cameron Bure, Luke Macfarlane and Jean Smart.

Mingle All the Way
“Mingle All the Way” is a networking app created by Molly to pair busy professionals for events, focusing on platonic connections rather than romance. When Molly and Jeff, both frequent users of the app, realize they’ve had two disastrous past encounters, they reluctantly agree to attend holiday events together, leading to unexpected romantic possibilities. Starring Jen Lilley, Brant Daugherty and Lindsay Wagner.

A Majestic Christmas
Architect Nell reluctantly returns to Briar Falls to renovate the historic Majestic Playhouse, encountering resistance from locals and conflicts with Connor, the new owner, as she navigates her feelings and tries to persuade him to preserve the town’s Christmas traditions during the Twelve Day Festival. Starring Jerrika Hinton and Christian Vincent.

A Homegrown Christmas
After stepping down as CEO, Maddie returns home for the holidays where she reconnects with her high school sweetheart Carter, and together they rediscover their love while organizing a Christmas dance for the local high school. Starring Lori Loughlin and Victor Webster.

Welcome to Christmas
Resort developer Madison Lane reluctantly heads to Christmas, Colo., to scout it for a new ski resort location, but after a fender-bender with the town sign and Sheriff Gage McBride’s help, she starts to appreciate the town’s charm and Christmas spirit, prompting her to question whether the resort is the right fit for the community. Starring Eric Mabius and Jennifer Finnigan.

Entertaining Christmas
Liz, a well-known cookbook author and crafting expert, considers retirement while her daughter Candace, who lacks these skills, steps in to assist a young girl in welcoming her deployed father home for Christmas, aiming to prove herself as Liz’s successor to the board of directors despite facing unforeseen difficulties. Starring Jodie Sweetin and Brendan Fehr.

A Gingerbread Romance
Taylor, an architect aiming for a promotion, joins forces with French pastry chef Annabelle for a gingerbread house contest, but turns to local baker Adam and his daughter Brook when Annabelle backs out, prompting Taylor to reassess her life and desire for a permanent home. Starring Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Duane Henry.

Jingle Around the Clock
Elle Bennet navigates a dual challenge of organizing a Christmas reunion for her college friends while leading a pivotal holiday campaign at work with Max, discovering love amidst their differing perspectives on the season. Starring Brooke Nevin and Michael Cassidy.

Christmas Made to Heart
Architect Steven enlists holiday coordinator Gretchen to infuse Christmas cheer into his family gathering, leading them closer together and sparking unexpected romantic feelings, but they must reassess their priorities when Gretchen faces a tempting career opportunity. Starring Alexa PenaVega and Jonathan Bennett.

A Midnight Kiss
Mia Pearson, faced with managing the biggest event of her career alone, reluctantly partners with her brother’s friend David Campos, discovering unexpected romance amidst the New Year’s Eve preparations. Starring Carlos PenaVega and Adelaide Kane.

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List of Hallmark Christmas Movies 2017

Marry Me at Christmas
Madeline Krug, a bridal boutique owner in Fool’s Gold, finds herself drawn to Jonny Blaze, a movie star who unexpectedly falls for her while assisting with his sister’s Christmas wedding, leading Madeline to question if Jonny is ready to commit to their budding romance beyond the glitz of Hollywood. Starring Rachel Skarsten and Trevor Donovan.

Christmas Festival of Ice
Emma, a successful lawyer, takes charge to revive her hometown’s canceled ice-sculpting contest as part of the Christmas festival, convincing Nick, the town’s top artisan, to join her team, leading to unexpected opportunities and a potential romance. Starring Taylor Cole and Damon Runyan.

Miss Christmas
The official tree finder for Chicago’s Radcliffe Tree lighting, desperate to secure the perfect tree, follows a young boy’s promise to find it in a small town, where she discovers the boy’s father is unwilling to part with it, leading to unexpected sparks and a reevaluation of her Christmas priorities. Starring Brooke D’Orsay and Marc Blucas.

The Sweetest Christmas
Struggling pastry chef Kylie Watson navigates the finals of the American Gingerbread Competition, relying on help from her former culinary school boyfriend Nick to overcome oven troubles, rekindling their romance amidst challenges from her ex-boyfriend, forcing her to choose between career success and love during the festive season. Starring Lacey Chabert, Lea Coco and Jonathan Adams.

Enchanted Christmas
Interior designer Laura heads back to Utah to manage the renovation of an old hotel for the annual Christmas Eve show organized by her ex-boyfriend and dance partner, Ricardo. As she gets involved in the show and agrees to dance with Ricardo again, Laura finds herself torn between her professional responsibilities, family commitments, and resurfacing emotions for Ricardo. Starring Alexa PenaVega and Carlos PenaVega.

Coming Home for Christmas
Lizzie Richfield manages the Ashford Estate, orchestrating a pivotal Christmas Eve gala for the Marley family while navigating their intricate relationships, particularly with the business-minded Robert, the jovial Kip, the single mother Sloane, and the spirited matriarch Pippa, all the while discovering romantic feelings for Robert amidst the holiday festivities. Starring Danica McKellar and Neal Bledsoe.

A Gift to Remember
Darcy, a bookstore employee in Philadelphia, accidentally causes Aidan to fall into a coma after a biking accident, prompting her to care for his dog and discover unexpected truths about him, ultimately learning profound lessons about love and perception. Starring Ali Liebert and Peter Porte.

With Love, Christmas
Ad executive Melanie is paired with her uptight coworker Donovan to create a Christmas commercial, while secretly acting as his Secret Santa and corresponding with him anonymously. When Donovan misunderstands his Secret Santa’s identity, Melanie must find a way to reveal the truth and prove that they’re meant to be together. Starring Emilie Ullerup and Aaron O’Connell.

The Mistletoe Inn
After a painful breakup, Kim Rossi attends a romance writing retreat in Vermont where she forms an unexpected connection with Zeke amidst challenges with her ex-boyfriend Garth, leading her to discover personal growth and a surprising new romance. Starring Alicia Witt and David Alpay.

Finding Santa
Grace, determined to uphold her town’s Christmas parade tradition, persuades Tom’s reluctant son Ben to step in as Santa, fostering a transformative journey where they both rediscover the magic of Christmas and pursue their dreams. Starring Jodie Sweetin and Eric Winter.

The Christmas Train
A journalist sets out on a Christmas journey across the country by train, unaware that it will uncover the depths of his own emotions. Starring Dermot Mulroney, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Danny Glover and Joan Cusack.

Switched for Christmas
Identical twin sisters swap lives to plan each other’s Christmas parties, discovering valuable lessons that make their holiday the most memorable yet. Starring Candace Cameron Bure, Mark Deklin and Eion Bailey.

Christmas in Evergreen
When a veterinarian’s plans for the perfect Christmas with her boyfriend are disrupted by a storm, she unexpectedly crosses paths with a doctor and his daughter, leading to a magical holiday experience for all involved. Starring Ashley Williams, Holly Robinson Peete, Barbara Niven, and Teddy Sears.

Christmas at Holly Lodge
When Evan, sent by a developer to assess Holly Lodge’s value, sparks an instant attraction with lodge owner Sophie, she must navigate convincing him the lodge is not worth investing in, all the while resisting her growing feelings for him. Starring Alison Sweeney, Jordan Bridges, and Sheryl Lee Ralph.

The Christmas Cottage
Lacey Quinn, a career-focused interior designer, takes on the role of maid of honor for her best friend Ava, preparing a family cottage for the honeymoon, where she reevaluates her skepticism about its legendary romantic allure after being snowed in with Ava’s brother Charlie at Christmas. Starring Merritt Patterson and Steve Lund.

Sharing Christmas
A real estate developer faces the challenge of his career when he aims to redevelop an old shopping complex, but encounters resistance from the Christmas shop owner he recently met, who refuses to leave. Starring Ellen Hollman, Bobby Campo, and Dave Koz.

Christmas Next Door
Eric Randall, an author of bachelor lifestyle books, seeks assistance from his Christmas-loving neighbor April when he finds himself responsible for his young niece and nephew over the holidays. Starring Jesse Metcalfe and Fiona Gubelmann.

Christmas Connection
After safely delivering unaccompanied minor Leah to her father Jonathan, flight attendant Sydney returns a forgotten package and, after missing her connection, is invited by Jonathan to spend the holidays with them. Starring Brooke Burns and Tom Everett Scott.

Christmas Getaway
A travel writer seeking a relaxing holiday finds herself inadvertently double-booked for Christmas with a widower, his young daughter, and mother, leading to an unexpected bond that transforms the inconvenience into a heartwarming connection. Starring Bridget Regan and Travis Van Winkle.

Royal New Year’s Eve
Caitlyn, a magazine assistant and aspiring fashion designer, faces a life-changing opportunity when she’s hired by Prince Jeffrey’s fiancée, Lady Isabelle, to design a dress for the royal New Year’s Eve ball, hoping it will launch her fashion career. Despite obstacles from her boss Abigail and Jeffrey’s royal obligations, Caitlyn and Jeffrey develop feelings for each other, forcing them to confront royal traditions and decide if they can forge a future together. Starring Jessy Schram, Sam Page and Cheryl Ladd.

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List of Hallmark Christmas Movies 2016

A Wish for Christmas
Sara Shaw, initially hesitant at work, gains courage after making a wish to Santa Claus to stand up for herself when her Christmas initiative is stolen, leading her on a transformative journey to find her voice within 48 hours. Starring Lacey Chabert and Paul Greene.

The Mistletoe Promise
Two strangers, initially bonding over their mutual dislike of Christmas, enter into The Mistletoe Promise, a pact aimed at navigating their holiday challenges together, only to find themselves unexpectedly drawn to each other as they discover the true magic of the season. Starring Jaime King and Luke MacFarlane.

A Perfect Christmas
“A Perfect Christmas” centers on a newly married couple’s first holiday season together, where they decide to host their families. However, amidst the festive preparations, Steve faces a sudden layoff and Cynthia learns she is expecting a baby, prompting them to conceal their respective news to preserve the holiday cheer. Starring Susie Abromeit and Dillon Casey. 

Every Christmas Has A Story
After an on-air mistake where she reveals her disdain for Christmas, a TV personality is sent to the most festive town in the US to redeem herself, where she must collaborate with her ex-boyfriend Jack, the show’s producer. Through the enchantment of Christmas and the town’s charm, she undergoes a transformation in her perception of the holiday and her own life. Starring Lori Loughlin, Colin Ferguson and Willie Aames.

Christmas Cookies
Hannah, an executive tasked with closing down Aunt Sally’s Christmas Cookie Company in Cookie Jar, finds herself torn when she meets Jake, the determined factory owner, and gets caught up in the infectious Christmas spirit of the small town, leading her to reconsider her priorities and discover unexpected love. Starring Jill Wagner and Wes Brown.

My Christmas Dream
Christina, aiming for a promotion to manage McDougal’s new Paris store, seeks to impress the owner with a standout holiday display but finds herself lacking inspiration until she collaborates with a recently-fired employee, also a talented artist and single father, to create something extraordinary. Starring Danica McKellar, Deidre Hall and David Haydn-Jones.

A December Bride
Aspiring interior designer Layla reluctantly attends her cousin’s Christmas wedding to her ex-fiancé, and when Seth, who introduced the couple, proposes they pretend to be engaged at the reception, Layla reluctantly goes along with it, despite her embarrassment. Starring Daniel Lissing and Jessica Lowndes.

Broadcasting Christmas
Veronika Daniels, host of a popular morning show, shakes things up by considering Charlie , a local news anchor, and Emily, a passionate reporter, as potential replacements for her departing co-host. As the competition intensifies with viral moments and compelling stories leading up to the Christmas Day Telethon, Charlie and Emily rekindle an old connection amidst their quest for the coveted co-host position. Starring Dean Cain, Melissa Joan Hart and Jackée Harry.

Christmas in Homestead
One of Hollywood’s biggest stars travels to Homestead, Iowa, to film a Christmas movie and unexpectedly finds love with a local innkeeper and single father, Matt, prompting her to embrace the joys of small-town life and discover the real essence of Christmas. Starring Taylor Cole and Michael Rady.

Christmas List
Isobel’s meticulously planned storybook Christmas with her boyfriend unravels when he disappears, leaving her to navigate the challenges of their holiday bucket list alone, while unexpectedly finding herself drawn into a new and captivating romance. Starring Alicia Witt and Gabriel Hogan.

A Heavenly Christmas
After her sudden death, a workaholic is trained to become a Christmas Angel in Heaven, where she’s assigned a difficult case. As she helps him navigate his challenges, she learns the true spirit of Christmas and possibly finds love along the way. Starring Kristin Davis, Eric McCormack and Shirley MacLaine.

Journey Back to Christmas
As WWII ends and Hanna mourns her missing husband, a Christmas Comet triggers a storm that knocks her unconscious, only for her to awaken in the year 2016. Starring Candace Cameron Bure, Oliver Hudson and Tom Skerritt.

A Dream of Christmas
After a Christmas Angel grants a wish for a restless young married woman to be single again, she realizes her newfound independence isn’t as fulfilling as she hoped and sets out to reunite with her husband. Starring Nikki DeLoach, Andrew Walker, Lisa Durupt and Cindy Williams.

Looks Like Christmas
Two type-A single parents clash over control of the Christmas holiday at their children’s middle school, leading them to discover the true meaning of Christmas amidst their rivalry and a new romance. Starring Anne Heche and Dylan Neal.

A Nutcracker Christmas
A disillusioned former ballerina confronts her past life and lost loves when her niece secures a role in The Philadelphia Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker. Starring Amy Acker, Sascha Radetsky and Sophia Lucia.

Love You Like Christmas
Maddie, a high-powered marketing executive heading to a client’s wedding, experiences car trouble that diverts her path to Christmas Valley, a town immersed in the holiday spirit. There, unexpected encounters and newfound connections with locals make her reevaluate her priorities and what truly matters in life. Starring Brennan Elliott and Bonnie Somerville.

My Christmas Love
A woman who’s skeptical of relationships starts receiving anonymous “12 Days of Christmas” gifts, sparking her hope that the mysterious sender might be the romantic match she’s been waiting for. Starring Meredith Hagner, Bobby Campo, Megan Park, Aaron O’Connell and Gregory Harrison.

Sleigh Bells Ring
Recently divorced, Pauline struggles to embrace the holiday spirit while organizing her hometown Christmas parade, but with the help of a Christmas sleigh and a charming woodworker, she is set to rekindle her festive spirit and find love. Starring Erin Cahill and David Alpay.

A Rose for Christmas
Andy, a devoted artist from a family with a tradition of crafting Rose Parade floats, steps up to lead the construction of their client’s float when her father falls ill, navigating the added difficulty of managing a demanding businessman involved in the project. Starring Rachel Boston and Marc Bendavid.

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List of Hallmark Christmas Movies 2015

‘Tis the Season for Love
Beth, an unemployed actress, returns to her hometown after a decade and discovers unexpected opportunities for both performance and romance in the transformed small town. As she embraces newfound chances, Beth wonders if the holiday magic she’s experiencing will endure beyond the season, marking a new chapter in her life filled with risks she never anticipated a decade ago. Starring Sarah Lancaster.

Ice Sculpture Christmas
Callie, a budding chef, finds unexpected romance and holiday cheer when her childhood friend David enters her into a club’s Christmas ice sculpting competition, pitting her against her boss while they bond over their shared passion for cooking and sculpting. Starring Rachel Boston and David Alpay. 

Charming Christmas
Meredith rediscovers the joys of Christmas and potentially finds love with Nick, the charming store Santa, after reluctantly donning the antique Mrs. Claus outfit for Santaville. Starring Julie Benz and David Sutcliffe.

I’m Not Ready for Christmas
Holly’s life is thrown into chaos after her niece Anna’s Christmas wish makes her incapable of lying, forcing her to navigate the consequences in her career and relationships. Starring Alicia Witt, George Stults and Dan Lauria.

Northpole: Open for Christmas
Mackenzie Reed, inheriting her aunt’s dilapidated hotel, initially plans to sell it before Christmas but finds herself challenged by the task of renovating it amidst managing staff, guests, and unexpected help from Santa’s Elves, leading her to rediscover her hidden talents and the spirit of Christmas. Starring Lori Loughlin, Dermot Mulroney and Bailee Madison. 

Merry Matrimony
Brie, an ambitious advertising executive, secures her ideal project planning a perfect Christmas wedding for a fashion magazine, with the promise of a partnership at her firm if successful. However, she discovers her assignment includes working with a high-powered fashion photographer who turns out to be her estranged ex-boyfriend. Starring Jessica Lowndes and Christopher Russell. 

Christmas Incorporated
In this festive story of unexpected opportunities, Riley finds herself at a low point when she lands a job with a wealthy New York City entrepreneur who’s on the brink of shutting down a factory before Christmas, threatening an entire town. Tasked with changing his mind and his outlook, Riley tries to bring about a holiday miracle of compassion and redemption. Starring Steve Lund and Shenae Grimes-Beech.

Once Upon A Holiday
When a genuine royal princess escapes her responsibilities to experience life incognito, she unexpectedly falls for a kind-hearted stranger who doesn’t know her true status, all against the backdrop of Christmas. Will their love endure when his discovery of her identity could transform him into royalty? Starring Paul Campbell and Briana Evigan. 

12 Gifts of Christmas
Anna, a struggling painter facing financial hardship, takes on a job as a personal Christmas shopper for Marc, a rigid corporate executive. Together, Marc discovers the true meaning of Christmas giving beyond material wealth, while Anna uncovers unexpected avenues for artistic success she hadn’t considered before. Starring Katrina Law, Aaron O’Connell and Donna Mills.

Crown for Christmas
After losing her job as a maid at a ritzy New York City hotel, Allie reluctantly takes on a temporary position as governess to Princess Theodora, daughter of King Maximillian of Winshire, who warns her about the princess’s rebellious streak following her mother’s passing. Despite initial challenges, Allie forms a bond with Theodora and finds herself drawn to King Maximillian. Starring Danica McKellar and Rupert Penry-Jones.

A Christmas Detour
Paige and Dylan, stranded together in a Buffalo airport hotel during a snowstorm, form an unlikely bond as Paige urgently tries to reach her fiancé’s parents before her upcoming wedding, while Dylan, disillusioned by love, unexpectedly becomes her supportive companion. Alongside them, elderly couple Frank and Maxine join in a whirlwind adventure full of unexpected twists and turns. Starring Candace Cameron Bure and Paul Greene. 

Angel of Christmas
Ever since her Christmas breakup, Susan, a cynical newspaper staffer, begrudgingly tackles her first major assignment: writing a feature on her family’s legendary Christmas Angel, believed to possess mystical powers that unite soulmates. As she delves into the heartwarming tale, Susan discovers unexpected hope and perhaps a chance for her own holiday miracle. Starring Jennifer Finnigan, Jonathan Scarfe and Holly Robinson Peete.

Just in Time for Christmas
Lindsay faces a difficult choice between marrying her longtime beau Jason in their small hometown or accepting a prestigious teaching job at an Ivy League college across the country, but a magical messenger grants her the gift of glimpsing her future three years ahead, helping her make the right decision for her future today. Starring Eloise Mumford, Michael Stahl-David, William Shatner and Christopher Lloyd.

Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge
Molly and Ryan develop a deep bond during their first semester at college, spending countless hours at their cherished bookstore and coffee shop, The Bridge, where they inspire each other’s dreams. However, they face the challenge of reconciling their unspoken love with external expectations about their future paths. Starring Wyatt Nash, Katie Findlay, Faith Ford and Ted McGinley. 

A Christmas Melody
Kristin is a talented clothing designer who returns to her Ohio hometown with her daughter after closing her boutique in Manhattan. They navigate challenges including Kristin’s rivalry with Melissa, now PTA president, but with support from music teacher Danny and Aunt Sarah, they discover the true meaning of home with the help of holiday magic and music. Starring Lacey Chabert, Mariah Carey, Brennan Elliott and Kathy Najimy. 

Christmas Land
After inheriting her grandmother’s Christmas tree farm with plans to sell it, Jules has a change of heart upon revisiting the farm, where she finds herself drawn to the charming townspeople and unexpectedly falls for Tucker, a handsome local lawyer. Starring Nikki DeLoach and Luke MacFarlane.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas
Maggie is excited when her longtime crush Mitch moves to their small town of Harrison, but when she learns his disillusionment with Christmas, she resolves to reignite his holiday spirit by creating 12 Christmas gifts that challenge him to embrace the magic of the season and possibly discover his feelings for her. Starring Robin Dunne and Brooke Nevin.

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So many sweet movies to watch! Good luck choosing where to start! Do you have a favorite Hallmark Christmas movie? 

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