The Most Important Rule for Saving Money

It feels like a trick question, doesn’t it? Really? Is there really only one best way to save money? Actually, no there isn’t. But there IS a best way to save money that everyone can do and it is truly simple. That makes it the most important rule for saving money in my frugal book. What is it?

Save something today.

There are thousands of different ways to save money, and blog posts have been written about them all.

There are thousands of different ways to make money, and a google search will reveal them all.

So why am I writing about THE best way to save money?

Because we often overlook the simplest but most important things. When it comes to saving, we often get caught up in finding different ways to save, and then we get overwhelmed and push off our goal.

I don’t want to make it complicated. I want to make savings accessible for everyone. I know it’s a big claim that there is one most important rule when it comes to saving but I think there is.

There really is a best way to save money. It’s really this simple.

Save something today. 

There is no amount necessary required for savings. $5 is good. $50 is good. $500 is good. Everyone has to start somewhere!

Even if you can’t save as much as you want, remember that saving something is always better than saving nothing!

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Maybe you are going to start by not eating out this month.

Or do a no spend challenge.

Perhaps you work to cut your grocery budget.

Or open up several different saving accounts to help you save more money.

Maybe you decide to really create a budget for the first time ever, and set aside some money every paycheck.

Or you can start collecting all your coins in a jar.

Decide that every $5 bill you get is going directly in savings, and start with the ones in your wallet right now.

Pick a money saving idea – any money saving idea – and do it!

Start with one and as you gain momentum, try a different way to save. Add that one and suddenly you’re saving more than you thought you could!

Keep it up, and watch your savings build slowly and surely.

But for your savings to grow? You have to start saving money somewhere.

So save something today. 

Consider this your friendly reminder that saving money may not be easy but it’s also not as hard as we tend to make it. Don’t push off your saving goals any longer.

I’d love to know your thoughts! Is this the most important rule for saving money, or do you want to propose a different one?

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