31 Days of Simple Savings

31 Simple Saving Tips - If you are looking for quick and easy ways to save money, check out this list for some practical ideas!

For the past 31 days, as part of the Nester’s challenge, I wrote about different ways to save simply. I wanted to remind us all that saving doesn’t have to be complicated. There are opportunities to save around us daily. We simply have to seek out the savings.

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I wanted to compile all 31 days of my tips and saving suggestions in one place. To those of you who followed along faithfully throughout the series, thank you! To those of you who are just discovering this list, I hope you will be encouraged that there are countless simple ways to save money.

Some of these ideas will add up to more savings than others, but every idea on this list will help you save money!

  1. Start a change jar.
  2. Save junk mail envelopes.
  3. Print on scratch paper.
  4. Use cereal bags for waxed paper.
  5. Add extra water to your juice concentrate.
  6. Have one meatless meal a week.
  7. Eat your leftovers.
  8. Use coupons.
  9. Shop with a list.
  10. Start a stockpile.
  11. Bake your own bread.
  12. Cook from the grocery sales.
  13. Buy generic – sometimes.
  14. Combine errands.
  15. Make foaming hand soap.
  16. Shop garage sales and thrift stores.
  17. Use less.
  18. Wash clothes in cold water.
  19. Only run full loads.
  20. Cut dryer sheets in half.
  21. Unplug everything.
  22. Pay bills online.
  23. Reuse containers for storage.
  24. Wash plastic bags.
  25. Use the last drops.
  26. Sign up for – and use – samples.
  27. Open the windows and bundle up.
  28. Reuse gift bags and tissue paper.
  29. Holiday shop after the holidays.
  30. Start a gift closet.
  31. Seek out savings.

Do you have any ideas for simple savings that you would add to this list? Every penny saved counts!

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    1. Thanks, Celia! You may post a link to the article with a summary of your own, but nothing more, please. Thanks for understanding!

    1. Thank you, CJ! I’ve certainly found the savings to add up. I’m glad the tips were helpful to you!

  1. It was a great series, Kristen! Thanks so much for all the ideas! I took off Sundays, so I still have a few days left before my 31 days series is finished. 🙂

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