Simple Savings: Reuse containers.

23 - Reuse food containers for storage.

I’m going to start today’s post with a disclaimer. To those of you who choose not to use plastic containers with your food, you may wish to skip today’s hint. Otherwise, here’s another simple savings tip for you. Reuse food containers for storage. 

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We all have leftovers – and we want to eat them! Remember that hint? We can store them in glass mason jars (which I love) but I know not everyone has access to a large supply of hand-me-down canning jars like I do. We can store them in Tupperware or special food containers but those can be a quite pricey option. We can store them in plastic Glad or Ziploc containers (which are quite handy and more frugal than Tupperware) but we still have to spend some money on those. Consider reusing food containers for storage.

Wash those plastic sour cream and cottage cheese containers. Save those large yogurt tubs and plastic ice cream buckets. Take the labels off spaghetti and applesauce jars. Scrub the peanut butter containers and jam jars. There are countless options in our fridge waiting to be reused once the original food is gone from the original container.

I have tried to keep my plastic containers organized so I now save three sizes of food containers to reuse. I save my empty cool whip containers, sour cream & cottage cheese containers, and my large yogurt containers. They all stack nicely in my cupboard and wait to be reused. This is particularly nice for freezer cooking when you want to use a container instead of a bag but don’t want to tie up one of your nice containers. Instead of buying a new food storage container, use what you already have. 

If you prefer to use glass jars for storage, there are still options available to you! Reuse your spaghetti jars and applesauce jars and jam jars. There are many foods that still come in glass jars that can be reused.

In addition to reusing food containers in your refrigerator, you can easily re-purpose many of them for storage around the house. Use your wipe containers to store toys. Use your baby food jars to store spices. Use your peanut butter jars to store crayons. Look around the house and use what you have before spending money on something new! For what do you reuse containers?

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