Simple Savings: Holiday shop after the holidays.

Savings Tip 29 - Holiday shop after the holidays.

Oh! I’m so excited that we’ve made it this far to what might be one of my favorite savings tip of this series. Here it is. Holiday shop after the holidays. Yes, you read that right. I want you to plan ahead – and shop for the next holiday after the current one is over.

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Most people get excited about shopping the deals on the day after Thanksgiving. As for me, I get excited about shopping the deals the day after Christmas! The crowds are much less and I get to start planning ahead for the next Christmas already.

Not only do I begin shopping for Christmas gifts when things are marked down, but I stock up on wrapping paper and Christmas decorations – for the upcoming year. It’s also a great time to buy more Christmas lights, although these are often the first things to go at the after Christmas sales.

My husband and I have been known to make a date of it. We use a gift card to go out to eat and browse the different after Christmas sales. Sometimes we leave empty handed but sometimes we find amazing deals and gifts! For example, at one post-Christmas sale two years ago, I was able to purchase the Little People Christmas Nativity for only $15! I bought several of them that year to give as gifts. I have one remaining – which Nathan will be unwrapping next Christmas! How’s that for planning ahead? 🙂

While it seems like this might only apply to Christmas, you can find great bargains after many of the holidays. I buy chocolate candy after Halloween and stick it in my freezer for later use. My husband buys candy then to use in his classroom as treats for his students. After Thanksgiving, I watch for deals on all things pumpkin and baking supplies. Would you believe some baking supplies are actually clearanced after holidays? It’s like they don’t think people bake year round! I certainly do. You can stock up on more chocolate after Valentine’s Day. Plus, if you like to decorate for the holidays, buy your seasonal decorations when they are marked down and wait to use them until next year. You will save so much money decorating this way! If you like to give ornaments to your children for Christmas, buy them at the beginning of January for 75% off. Not only will you save substantially, but you will be 12 months ahead of schedule!

Do you shop the sales after the holidays? If not, commit to giving it a try – as your budget allows. If you already do, what was the best deal you’ve picked up after Christmas?

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