Simple Savings: Use cereal bags for waxed paper.

Today’s tip comes from my frugal Grandma Marilyn Barz – mother of 7, grandmother of 23, and great-grandmother of 13.

It's odd but it works! Did you know you can use cereal bags for waxed paper? Here's how.

One of the (many) wonderful things that my Grandma is known for, is her delicious baked goods. Homemade bread, canned fruits, and always, homemade tins of cookies.

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Visiting her one time in college, I realized for the first time what she used to line her cookie tins. Grandma used the empty cereal bags as waxed paper. When we were done eating a box of cereal, she shook out the crumbs and carefully pulled the bag apart at the seams where it was glued together. Now, there was a large and durable piece of waxed paper – thicker than what you can buy in the box. It is perfect to layer in between rows of cookies or use in any circumstance you needed waxed paper.

This tip (like the previous one) will save you money, but it also encourages you to reuse something you already have. It is the Great Depression mentality – that we should all learn to adopt. Use and reuse what we already have until it wears out. Then, get creative! Do you really need to buy it or can you find something to replace it? All of these questions are important ones to consider as we seek to save.

Do you have any creative savings tips you have learned from your Grandma…or Grandpa?

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  1. This is great. I am so going to start saving our cereal bags from now on. Thank you for sharing!! Hopping over from 31 Days…and I love your series. 😉

    1. Thanks, Vera. Maybe it’s just my Grandma or maybe it’s a very old-fashioned trick that has gone out of style. Still, it’s a good frugal one to employ!

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