Free Lego Club Magazine

Lego Magazine

Did you know that the Lego Club offers free magazines to all kids from ages 5-9? This free Lego Club magazine includes comics, stories and activities. The free Lego magazine is mailed to your child 4 times a year. You can sign up for your free 2 year subscription here. 

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  1. You do have to renew these subscriptions after two years. They do not renew automatically. My boys have subscriptions to several magazines and this is their favorite and it’s free!
    The magazine also has coupons for Legoland. I know one very frugal family that took a well deserved vacation and spent one day at Legoland free for the kids with this coupon. My boys always save their coupons hoping, but I doubt it will ever work to go.

    1. Yes, indeed. They do expire – but well worth the time to renew! It’s nice when there is a nice, free magazine like this available to Lego loving kids of all ages.

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