Most Popular Posts of 2015

Most Popular Posts of 2015 - Want to see which single article was viewed over 60,000 times this year alone? And what the other popular articles were? Stop by Joyfully Thriving to see.

It seems a fitting way to wrap up the old year and begin a new one with sharing my most popular posts of the year. It’s especially important since my blog has grown so much this year. It’s pretty amazing to realize that my monthly page views have increased 8x from what they were at the beginning to the year. Yay! Due to that, I venture there are many of you new to the blog who have yet to read some of these posts! For that reason (and as a refresher to everyone), I am sharing my most popular posts of 2015. I shared my top 10 posts of 2014 here and shared my most popular posts of 2013 here as well.

A large part of this traffic is due to Pinterest, and I continue to thank everyone who pins my content on Pinterest! It’s so exciting to see my content being value, shared and used by so many readers.

Now, without further ado, here are the top 10 articles that were read this year on Joyfully Thriving (in descending order).

10. Yes, this title is true. We Have 13 Saving Accounts and are Opening More. Using electronic savings accounts have simplified our finances so much. It’s an electronic version of the envelope system, if you will. This post explains how it works for our family and where we keep our savings accounts.

9. A Free Printable Guide to Seasonal Sale Cycles became quite popular this year. I keep a printed copy of this list in my coupon binder so I know which deals to watch for in any given month. Feel free to print off a copy for yourself because shopping in season will save you a lot of money in your grocery budget!

Seasonal Sale Cycles Square

8. I wrote How to Stockpile Diapers for a Baby almost 2 years ago as I was preparing for Nathan’s arrival. Now that we’re getting ready to welcome a second baby, this post is due for an update. Would you believe I’ve been tracking exactly how many diapers since Nathan has been more, just so I can help more people stockpile diapers? Look for a follow-up post on stockpiling diapers in January, if you are interested in doing so.

7. 20 Foods to Freeze to Save Money began when I realized how much I use my upright freezer in the basement. It is still my favorite wedding gift because we use it daily to save us money. This is a (partial) list of commonly frozen items. What do you keep in your freezer?

20 Foods to Freeze Square

6. How to Make Homemade Buckeyes remains a yearly favorite. My talented sister just helped me update this post with some new pictures of our favorite dessert. Check out her amazing pictures because they finally do justice to just how beautiful these tiny treats are. We are known for our buckeyes but they really aren’t difficult to make if you follow my instructions!

5. How to Create Shutterfly Albums for Free was a practical post I wrote because I love saving our family pictures in beautiful photo albums. Over the years, I’ve learned how to create almost all of my Shutterfly albums for free and this post explains exactly how I do it.

4. How to Make Homemade Vanilla Yogurt in Your Crock Pot is a recipe that I make at least twice a month. Ever since I discovered how simple and frugal it is (not to mention delicious) to make my own yogurt, I’ve been hooked. I’m glad to know others are enjoying making their own yogurt, too!

3. 10 Items to Stockpile in a Pantry is a practical and helpful post. It reminds me that I’m not alone in valuing the savings my stockpile brings! I have some more follow-up posts planned this year on how to create a stockpile that works for you and your family because I really believe everyone can benefit from having a stockpile.

Here's a list of items that anyone can stockpile to save money! This is a great place to start saving on your grocery bill Square

2. A Biblical Version of Oh, the Places You’ll Go continues to be one of my most viewed posts. Due to the popularity of this post, I also started creating custom books on request this year, as well as providing digital downloads for sale for those who want more help in giving this priceless gift.

1. 3 Little Known Ways to Save Big on Amazon surprised me by quickly becoming my top-viewed post of the year, being viewed over 60,000 times in the past 4 months. This just goes to show that many of us are becoming Amazon customers – and we still all love to save money!

3 Little Known Ways to Save Big on Amazon Square

There you have it! Those were my most popular posts of the year, according to Google Analytics. Were your favorites in this list? Did you discover some new ones you hadn’t read yet?

Here’s to a great new year!

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  1. Kristen,

    I won’t lie – I jumped straight to number one 🙂 I can see why that was the most popular article. The refund idea has the potential to save us a bundle!

    1. You’re certainly allowed to jump to number 1! 🙂 It’s amazing how rebates can save us money. Thanks for stopping by to check out my most popular posts!

  2. Congratulations on the growth of your blog! That’s wonderful! I had no idea you could make yogurt in a crockpot. That’s fascinating!

    1. Thanks, Kelly! And yes. I actually have a batch of yogurt going right now. It still amazes me that I can turn milk into yogurt – in my slow cooker!

  3. Awesome article! I have had a Capital One 360 account for quite awhile. I finally redid my budget to include all those miscellaneous things that were wrecking my budget. I hope it helps me stay on track. I have up to six account I can put money directly into from my paycheck. From there I added several more savings account and I will go in couple times a month and add to them as my budget allows. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Yay, Jackie! I’m so glad you are experimenting with Capital 360. I found that when the withdrawals happen automatically, it makes things so much easier! Plus, I love that the money is earmarked for all those miscellaneous things, too. I hope it helps your budget!

    1. Thanks, Emily! It’s amazing (and exciting) to see this little blog of mine grow. As for diaper stockpiles, I’m working on building ours up again for the next baby! 🙂 Happy New Year to you and your family as well!

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