Simple Savings: Wash plastic bags.

A simple savings tip? Wash and reuse your plastic bags.

Today’s tip is short and yes, simple. Have I lived up to the name of this series? Are you learning different simple ways to save? I certainly hope so! In keeping on topic, I’m presenting another option that I learned from my Mom. Wash (and reuse) your plastic bags.

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To be perfectly clear, I am talking about the Ziploc food bags here – not grocery bags. When you are washing your dinner dishes, wash out your ziploc bags and let them air dry so you can reuse them. Some would argue this is not worth their time, but I am always happy to save a little extra!

I have put a couple stipulations on this over the years. I try to buy my sandwich bags at less than $0.02 a bag so I don’t wash those. If I’m packing a sandwich from day to day in my lunch, I occasionally shake out the crumbs and reuse the sandwich bag. I do usually wash the quart bags and almost always wash the gallon size bags. There are only two times when I don’t wash and reuse my ziploc bags. I don’t reuse them if they have stored raw meat or if they got really sticky. Otherwise, I wash (and reuse) my plastic bags.

Time to confess. Does anyone else wash and reuse their plastic bags? I hope there are others (beside my family members) who do so!

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  1. Ok, I thought my family was the only one that did this! I’m so glad other people do it too. 🙂 I haven’t done it lately, but I probably should. It seems like we go through a ton of freezer Ziploc bags.

    1. I stopped doing so for awhile, too, but resumed again because we go through lots of the larger bags, too. I’m glad our family was not alone in washing bags!

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