Simple Savings: Add extra water to your juice.

Yesterday’s tip I learned from my Grandma, and today’s tip I learned from my Mom, who learned it from my Aunt Ann. What can I say? I come by my frugality naturally! When one is raised in a church work family as I was, it is particularly important.

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A quick and simple tip? Add extra water to your juice concentrate to stretch it further!

It’s a simple tip. First, buy your juice as concentrate. Unless you find an incredible deal on pre-mixed juice, why should you pay extra for water? Take the couple extra seconds and mix the juice yourself.

When you are mixing your juice, add extra water to your concentrate. If the juice calls for 3 cans of water added, add 3 1/2. This dilutes the juice very minimally but allows you to get an extra glass out of each can of concentrate. Trust me. You won’t even notice this little bit of extra water – but you will notice the savings!

I try to pay no more than $1 per can of juice concentrate. I use coupons and stock up when I find a good sale! At $1 a can, there are said to be 6 servings in a container of juice. At this price, each serving is $0.16. By adding an extra bit of water, you are adding an extra serving and saving $0.16. If you go through 2 containers of juice a week (depending on your family), you would save $0.33 a week or $1.33 a month. At this rate, that is one less can of juice you are buying every month!

Whether you drink juice a lot or a little, I highly recommend diluting your juice. It is a quick and easy way to save and stretch what you already have. Plus, juice is healthier with more water! You can extend the saving even further by not drinking juice every day and / or pouring smaller glasses of juice. My Dad laughs about how the 9 in their family split one can of juice daily so they all got a “shot glass” of juice.

What do you think? Will you give this a try?

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  1. Outside of milk, which my kids LOVE and which we now limit to one glass a day, we now drink only water. I’ve found it to be a big savings….we used to buy juice and fancy sparkling waters. We occasionally pick some up but now it’s a treat rather than something expected. Great tips!

    1. That’s a good rule. I’ve started drinking less juice myself – to save calories and the money! Treats are nice surprise. Thanks for stopping by, Jessica!

  2. Oh yes, I do this all the time. The only downside is that with our kids getting older, they totally call me out on it now. haha Yesterday ,my daughter said, “You watered this down again, didn’t you?” 🙂

    1. Ha! That’s too funny. Still, I bet your daughter will be doing the same thing someday to her own kids. Frugality runs in the family! 🙂

  3. Great tip, or you can add a splash of juice to your water so that you have “flavored” water. 🙂 That’s what I used to do!

    1. That works too, Vera, with even greater savings! Since flavored water is a huge trend now, why pay for it when you can easily make your own, like you suggested?

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