Simple Savings: Use the last drops.

Day 25 of Simple Savings Series - Use the last drops.

We’re nearing the end of our monthly series! It’s hard to believe there is less than one week left in October – and therefore, less than one week  left to share ideas of how to save simply. Today’s tip is really a reminder to use the last drops.

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I was reminded of how important this was recently when I realized my foundation was running low. When I picked it up one morning, I had to shake it to get enough out for the day. I did get enough out for the day and put foundation on my shopping list. Even though I picked up a new tube of foundation that week, I continued to use my old bottle and shake it each morning to get the last drops out. Would you believe that was a month ago when I thought I was almost out – and I’m still using the old bottle? This just goes to prove that there is often more left than you expect when you are determined to use the last drops. 

I found this an important reminder. So many times in our society today, we know we have more shampoo on the shelf, so we don’t concern ourselves with using every last drop. If we knew this was the very last bottle of shampoo (or anything for that matter), we would be careful to conserve it and use every drop wisely. In our affluent society, we often forget to use every bit of what we have.

Let’s all recommit to using the last drops. Squeeze your toothpaste until it is truly out. Store your foundation upside down so the last bit drips down. Add your sliver of soap to a new bar of soap rather than throwing it out. Shake out your condiments until every last bit is gone. Add water to your shampoo and conditioner to rinse out the bottle – and get another use or two out of the last drops.

The water tip is a good way to use the last drops. When I think my laundry detergent is all gone, I add a cap full of water and get 1 or 2 more loads out of the bottle. The same is true of my shampoo and conditioner. I add water to my ketchup bottle and shake it up to get another serving out of it. You can add water to many things to make your last drops go even further. Have you tried that before? Be creative and use your last drops to save!

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  1. I have a coffee can in my freezer and I use the last of any condiment (salsa, BBQ sauce, salad dressing, etc) by using a little HOT water and swishing it around, then dumping it in my freezer can. When it’s full, I use it for stock for a soup or stew. It’s never the same and always delicious! I rotate the coffee cans as we finish the coffee! Reduce, reuse, and recycle! I love that all these money saving tips help our environment too!

    1. That’s a new one, Christina! I hadn’t thought of mixing all my condiments before. What a clever – and original – idea!

  2. As Emily stated above, I always cut the tube of toothpaste, any facial cleaner, and hand cream, etc. to get the last drop out. I store the cut pieces in a plastic container and it keeps them fresh and usable. I always keep adding water to my detergent and shake like crazy as there is always soap in the handle. I also wipe any drips from the bottle with whatever I am washing to add that to the wash. I turn bottles upside down. This is a good one for ketchup. Put the old bottle upside down on the new one. Just make sure it is secure, but it really works as there is nothing left in the bottle.

    1. Great frugal practices – using things until the last drops. Turning bottles upside down really does allow gravity to help. Adding water to the last big of detergent always gets me at least 2 more loads, after I shake it up to get all the last bits of soap out of the bottle.

  3. My dad would always put a little bit of water in the ketchup or salad dressing bottles to get the last drops out too! Last month I couldn’t squeeze any more facial cleanser out of the tube, so I cut the end off and I was able to use it one week longer. It amazed me how much was still left in the tube.

    1. Yes! I cut the ends off tubes as well. Cleanser and foundation both always have more lurking in those corners than you think. Amazing, how we save by doing something so simple!

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