Ultrasound says…

I have a pregnancy update for you today – since it keeps with my pumpkin theme of the week. You’ll see why in a moment.

We had our 18 week ultrasound last week and were pleased to see that everything with the baby looked good. It really is amazing what you can see in ultrasounds today! They measured the baby’s kidneys, looked at all 4 chambers of the heart, measured the spine, and the length of the baby overall. We also got to see a 3-D image of the baby and that was pretty neat. Since we found out the gender with Nathan, we decided to find out again what this baby was ahead of time. The ultrasound showed…

It's a Girl Blog Announcement

My husband proposed by hiding my ring in a pumpkin several Octobers ago now. And since we were taking Nathan to the pumpkin patch for the first time this fall, it seemed only fitting to share our news with a teeny tiny pumpkin. This was actually one of the little pumpkins Nathan picked out on his own. You can see the tiny size of the pumpkin compared to all the others, in our family of pumpkins below.

It’s actually the perfect size of a pumpkin since our baby (at 19 weeks now) is measuring 6 inches and at 8.5 ounces, is about the size of an heirloom tomato – or a very small pumpkin!

Our littlest pumpkin

My first trimester passed quickly, especially since we told family and friends sooner this time around. I discovered how much faster you show the second time around! Here’s a recent baby bump picture so you can see what I mean. We’re trying to take the weekly pictures again this time around, Sundays after church. So far, so good…picture wise!

Week 17 Baby Bump

The start of my second trimester has found me less tired but starting the sleepless nights already. I wake up early and just can’t go back to sleep even when I want to. If I have to wake up early, now is the time to do so since Nathan’s going through his 18 month sleep regression so is waking just as early. He woke at 4:52 the other morning singing, “Jesus. Jesus. Jesus in the morning…” I do doze with Nathan sometimes at his nap time, at least for a power nap to get me through the rest of the day.

I had to make a trip to a hematologist due to some elevated platelet levels that came back in my routine prenatal blood work. My ob wanted me to see a hematologist as a precaution. The hematologist said my levels were due to pregnancy but did another round of blood work to check out a couple other things. Everything came back clear – and my platelet levels were back in the normal range this time. I said a big prayer of thanksgiving over that!

I’m starting to feel the baby’s kicks occasionally. I love those baby kicks! Nathan loves to talk about the baby. One of his current favorite books is “Hide the Baby” which is the story of Moses. Every time we read the first page that says, “Oh! A baby…” Nathan says, “Baby!” and turns and pats my tummy. It’s very sweet and a precious memory. He can say sister as well as brother. We practiced both before our ultrasound revealed it was a sister!

Now that we know the baby is a girl, I’m resorting Nathan’s clothes that I saved. I thought we had some neutrals but there are more boy things than I realized! Thankfully, we’ve already been given a couple boxes of girl clothes – before I was even pregnant the first time. I held on to them, wondering if we would use them, and now we get to pull out the cute dresses and pink onesies! Andy’s prepping himself to deal with hair bows and tights and all the other little girl things.

It’s hard to believe we’re almost at the halfway point of this pregnancy already! November and December will be filled with lots of holiday activities that we plan to enjoy as a family of 3. The new year – and the new baby – will be here before we know it!

Any advice for me as we prepare to transition from one baby to two? I’m all ears!

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  1. Congratulations on your new addition!! So excited Nathan is getting a sister! Also happy to hear your blood work was better, and you are feeling good. An overdue comment, I really like the new blog design!

    1. Thanks, Barb! Nathan is pretty excited too…telling the baby hi, and giving her kisses already. And thank YOU! I’m so glad you like the new blog design too! It was time for a change and a good one at that.

    1. Thanks, Janeen! It is an answered prayer. We are in love with our little girl already…although, we’d love another boy just as much!

  2. Congratulations! Of course I may be totally biased (ahem, lol) 😉 but daughters are wonderful! For advice I think it was scary the first time I was alone with both kids but you will get the hang of it! The best part comes a little later when they can play together (mostly) peacefully!

    1. Thanks, Vera! I’m looking forward to adding a little girl to our family. Like you said, I’m looking forward to the day when Nathan can play with his little sister!

  3. Hooray! Girls are so fun. I love the bow on that teeny tiny pumpkin. Perfect little family of pumpkins. 😉 I could write a post on my blog if you can think of any specific questions about going from one child to two. I’m no expert, but it might be helpful to hear someone else’s experience.

    1. Thanks, Charlee! It will be a different dynamic with one of each now. I’ll have to think if I have any specific questions as I transition from 1 to 2. I have a feeling lots of it will be learning as I go!

  4. So fun! I love that tiny pumpkin with the bow for the announcement! Girls have lots of fun accessories that are cute to craft or shop for and of course end up all over the house. 🙂 You look great and I’m glad everything came back okay with your bloodwork too. I’ve read a few articles about transitioning to two, but I think like many things with babies, it’s something you learn as you go.

    1. Thanks, Kate! Will YOU find out what baby number 2 is? Soon, if so! I think you’re right. We’re going to get a crash course in learning. I feel like the adjustment to life with a newborn went relatively smoothly, so I’m hoping this transition to two will as well. But, I’m sure there will be rough days, too! What Mom doesn’t experience those? 🙂

  5. Oh how exciting to be having a little girl! We have a new granddaughter who is just 2 days old! So glad all your tests came back good. Things are done so differently now days, I’m sure any advice I could give would be outdated….however, I do remember having a neighbor girl to come in and watch my toddler so she wouldn’t climb in the crib to love on the baby while I was getting a shower! She would also come over and play with the children so I could get some work done! We had no grandparents nearby, but thankfully had a couple “seasoned” ladies who were more than willing to help out when needed!

    1. Yay for new little granddaughters! I’m glad she arrived safely. What a wonderful thing to have a neighbor girl come help, as for other ladies. I’m already wondering how everything will get done in a day, especially in those early days when naps won’t line up. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll learn and manage, just like you and so many other mothers have done before me! 🙂

  6. Congratulations!! Be prepared for pink and bows and ribbons to take over your life! Girls are so much fun! (I only have one so I can’t speak for boys)!! You will have a great shopping partner in a few more years!!

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! My husband and I were already talking about boys and ribbons! 🙂 I can vouch for the fact that boys are quite fun, too, if / when God blesses you with one! 🙂

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