8 Money Saving Articles Every Saver Needs to Read

I’m speaking on the Coffee Hour radio program at KFUO this morning at 9 am (CST). I am excited to talk about some of my favorite things on the radio – saving money and living frugally.

We all know that frugal living is not always easy but I believe it is worth it. I’ve written before about what our frugal life looks like. I’ll sum it up for you right now.

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My money saving philsophy can be summed up in two simple points. 

  1. Anyone can save money. Don’t make excuses! Start today and start now finding ways to save.
  2. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Every little bit you save, adds up!

Saving money doesn’t have to be complicated or take a lot of time. It will take practice but anyone can save money.

Some ideas are more effective than others. Some things work better for specific families or specific seasons.

Saving money is a journey of discovering what works best for you right here and right now. 

Here is a collection of 8 money saving articles to help you on your money saving journey. Click on any of the maroon titles to read more.

When Your Income Is Cut in Half…and When Faith and Logic Collide

This is our life and a good place to start. Sometimes our budgets don’t always make sense but God always provides. This is my real life encouragement to continue saving and trusting God.

15 Best Ways to Save Money Every Month

There are countless opportunities to save money. These are some of the best ways to save money each and every month. Use this list and start checking off ways you are saving money.

10 Easy Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill without Coupons

Start learning some simple ways to cut your grocery bill without using coupons. (If you do use coupons, you can cut your bill even lower!) Anyone can start cutting their grocery bill with these easy tips.

Everything You Need to Know about Stockpiles

Stockpiles are one of the best ways to save money on your grocery budget. Any family of any size in any location with any budget can build a stockpile to save money.

4 Small Budget Tweaks that Make a Big Difference

Regardless of the size of our budget, there are four areas where small tweaks make big differences. There is not a one size fits all answer in finances but these areas are good budget areas to consider.

The Best Coupon App to Use 

Do you use coupon apps? Coupons apps are a great way to save money but it can be overwhelming figuring out which one to use. This one app saves – and makes – me money every week when I shop.

4 Quick Ways to Earn Free Gift Cards in Minutes a Day

I love finding ways to earn free things. Free gift cards are an excellent way to stretch your budget, treat yourself to free date nights or help pay for Christmas. Here are 4 truly easy ways to earn free gift cards. 

Frugal Tricks our Grandmothers Knew

There is a lot we can learn from previous generations who lived frugal and thrifty lives. Think back on your grandmother and implement some old-fashioned saving ideas that are still effective today. 

You can find more money saving tips and ideas in the Saving Money archives of my website – found under Frugal Living. 

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