Coupon Apps You Can Use Without a Smartphone

If you don't have a smartphone, don't worry! There are still coupon apps you can use to save money without a smartphone. Read this article to find out more.
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Yes, I’m one of those old-fashioned people who doesn’t have a smartphone. It is not because I don’t like the technology and the apps that are available. I’m simply too frugal to pay for a smartphone. My husband has one and for now, that works for us.

Since I don’t have a smartphone, I’m working at finding creative ways to get the perks without the cost. I’ve learned how to post on Instagram from my computer, thanks to InstaPic. (Come find me on Instagram so I can find you!) Now, I’ve discovered two new coupon apps that I can use without a smartphone.

The way coupon apps work is simple. You can earn additional savings on your grocery purchases by uploading your receipts. Simply shop as normal (and use your coupons at the grocery store) but then upload your receipts for additional savings on specific purchases. The beauty of both the following coupon apps is that you can use them with a smartphone or without one. If you have a smartphone, you take pictures of your receipt with the camera on your phone. If you have a regular cell phone, use a digital camera to take the picture and upload the receipt via your computer.

With all the coupon apps, it doesn’t matter where you shop. You can upload receipts from any grocery store or drug store where you make the purchase. It also doesn’t matter what price you pay on the item in the store to redeem the offer on your app. Stacking sales, coupons and coupon apps even allows you to turn great deals into money-makers on occasion. 

I started using Checkout 51. Every Thursday, there is a brand new list of offers available. Some offers refresh weekly but some do not. Some offers have a limit of 1 but others have a higher limit. What I like about Checkout 51 is that they often have small ($0.25 cash back) for fresh fruit or produce. They even allow you to pick your deal on occasion. Again, if you don’t have a smartphone, simply snap a picture of your receipt with your camera and upload it to Checkout 51 with your computer. The payout on Checkout 51 is also $20. When you redeem your first offer, you will also get a bonus $2 to get your account started! Sign up for Checkout 51 here.

In addition to these new apps, you can also use Target Cartwheel without a smartphone. I’ve talked about Cartwheel before and you can read the full article for more details on how to use Target Cartwheel here.

Basically, Target Cartwheel allows you to log in on your computer at home and add digital coupons for products at Target. The nice thing about Cartwheel is that these savings can be used in addition to manufacturers coupons and store coupons. Once you have loaded the coupons to your account, simply print a paper with one bar code for these deals that Target will scan at checkout. If you do have a smartphone, you just show them the bar code on your phone for them to scan.

The difference between Cartwheel and the previous two apps is that Cartwheel savings come immediately off your total. You don’t have to accumulate a certain amount to cash out your account. Instant savings is always appreciated!

Cartwheel by Target

It is important to mention that I use coupon apps as an extra source of savings. I shop as usual with my coupons and stock-up price list. If something I buy happens to be on the coupon app, then I redeem it for extra savings. I do not alter my grocery list to match the deals on the coupon app.

There you have it. Three coupon apps that do NOT require smartphone. If you have a smartphone, you can still use these apps. It’s simply not a requirement. My hope is that more coupon apps will allow non-smartphone users to take digital pictures and Checkout 51. Do you know of any other coupon apps that don’t require a smartphone that I can add to this list?

Update: Here are my two favorite coupon apps of all times!

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  1. Savingstar is another one to add to the list. Several stores like Kroger, Dollar General, CVS, and Family Dollar have their own digital coupons to load to your card.

    1. Yes! I use many of the digital coupons at various stores (especially love Kroger’s digital coupons) and Saving Star occasionally as well. Thanks for reminding us of those!

  2. What about Target Cartwheel? Sure, it’s easier to use with a smartphone. But with a little planning ahead of time, you can add your deals via a desktop and print your Cartwheel barcode to take to the store. And you don’t need to tie your Cartwheel account to a Facebook account.

    1. Yes! You’re right, Kelly. I need to add that one to the list. Cartwheel is a great app – with or without smartphones!

  3. Last summer I downloaded a bunch of coupon apps and got overwhelmed checking them all, so I ended up deleting them and not using them! Ha! Maybe I should give Snap another try. That is great that you aren’t letting not having a smartphone hold you back from some great deals!

    1. Ha. I did the same, Emily! I tried Ibotta and a couple others on my husband’s smartphone but they were too much of a hassle. These two I’m using – and liking. Checkout 51 is nice because they have a $0.25 deal on fruit or produce every week – and we’re always buying those things.

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