How to Make a Do a Dot Printables Book

As a former preschool teacher and now a mom of preschoolers, I freely admit that I have a love of do a dot printables. Are you familiar with these? Do a dot pages are pictures created with special dot markers, or in my case, circle stickers.

I love do a dot pages because they are a fun fine motor activity for kids. Whether you use markers or stickers, do a dots are a fun project that your kids are sure to enjoy. Nathan has loved making these pictures for years and Emma is now enjoying them as well.

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In all the years we have been doing these pictures, I have never bought an actual do a dot book. I have always printed pages as we needed them. Before our recent vacation, I had the idea to make a do a dot printables book (using all free pages) for Nathan and Emma to work on as we drove. It was so easy that I knew I had to share this simple and fun idea with other moms.

Yes, you can use do a dot makers (like these) but I much prefer to use circle dot stickers (like these) to create the pictures. It’s less mess and can be done on the go which is a double win for this mom! We use the do a dot markers at home but I like the stickers for when we are on the go.

It’s super easy to make a sticker travel book that your kids will love! The only thing you might need to buy are the stickers but the free pages make this a very frugal project. Here’s how to make a do a dot printables book – in 3 easy steps. 

1. Buy a bunch of dot stickers.

You can buy small packs of circle stickers at Walmart or order a big pack from Amazon. I opted for the big pack from Amazon because we use these dot stickers for so many things, plus they had more color options. This is the Avery dot sticker pack I ordered. You can also order a generic dot pack with more colors like this one. Note: Make sure your dot stickers are 0.75 inches for the best fit with the free do a dot printables. 

2. Print a bunch of free do a dot printables.

You can find do a dot pages on many websites but the best place I have found them is on Easy Peasy Learners. Why? She has a huge variety of sets available that you can print in color or in black and white. I always prefer black and white to save printer ink. Plus, her do a dot pictures print perfectly clear in pdf format and all are completely free to download! A simple search on her site for Do a Dot includes dozen of freebies. Here are some of my favorites of hers.

Here are some more do a dot pages for you to print from various other sites. All are free for you to download!

3. Put all your pages and stickers together in a binder. 

Hole punch your all your do a dot pages and put them in a three ring binder. I used a one inch binder and that was a perfect size. Add a pencil pouch to hold your dot stickers and you are ready to go! I recommend a sturdy fabric pouch. They are often on sale for $1 during back to school sales time. If you can’t find them in the store, you can always find a sturdy pencil pouch on Amazon.

There you have it! Now you have a complete book with dozens of do a dot pages for your child to enjoy. This is a great activity for when you are traveling as well as at home.

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  1. Thanks for this info! I have printed out quite a few pages and went on Amazon and got a package of over 1,000 dots. Now I am ready with a new “craft” the next time our little granddaughter comes over.

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