Best Lego Sets Under $20

Our household is a Lego household. My husband has long been an avid Lego builder and collector and he has instilled that love of Legos in our children.

I know Legos can be expensive but we have learned some ways to stretch our money and get the best value on the Lego sets we do buy. I have even discovered there are many Lego sets under $20 – which make wonderful gifts or additions to a Lego collection.

Legos are an investment but as frugal as I am, this is one instance where I would not recommend buying a cheaper version. Legos are a high quality toy and they are built to last. The basic Lego blocks allow so much creativity in young children. I believe every household should have some Legos!

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How do we save money on Legos? There are a couple ways to find cheap Legos. 

First and most importantly, watch for sales on Legos. This happens more often than you think it will! If you find a great sale on Legos (at any time throughout the year), buy the set and set it aside for a birthday or Christmas. The sales really do run year round! You can also find random Lego sets on clearance so it is worth always checking those aisles when you shop.

Second, add Lego sets to your child’s birthday or Christmas wish lists. If your child loves Legos, suggest Legos as a gift idea to Grandparents, Aunts or Uncles. In our family, the Uncles especially love giving Legos!

Another way to find deals on Legos is to always watch for Legos at garage sales or kid’s resale shops. I once bought a paper size box of Legos for $10 at a garage sale – an amazing bargain! Just keep your eyes open because you never know what you will find. You can also buy Lego sets on Ebay, although those might not be as cheap – depending on who is selling them. However, if you are looking for a certain set, Ebay is worth checking out.

Finally, if you are looking to buy cheap Lego sets without waiting and watching, here are some of the best Lego sets under $20.

I searched online and found Lego sets that are always under $20. Some of the Lego sets are even under $10! These are affordable Lego gifts for birthdays or Christmas – to start a collection or add to an existing one.

Note: These prices are current as of November 2023. Prices do vary so this post will be updated as the kits change. 

There are Lego sets for everyone – as you will see in this list of Lego sets under $20. 

Classic Lego Sets Under $20

If you are looking for a general assortment of Legos, classic brick kits provide a great deal of Legos for a bargain price. Here are a couple classic kit options – all sets under $20!  These Lego sets are perfect for a new builder or for a child who wants to add to his Lego collection.

Disney Lego Sets Under $20

If you have a Disney lover in your family, check out some of these adorable Lego sets! These do vary by the year and season, and revolve around whatever movie is coming out. If your child loves a particular Disney movie, watch for corresponding Lego sets and buy them when they are available.

City Lego Sets Under $20

The Lego City set is one of the largest collections in the Lego catalog. There are so many different components as part of the city! Many of the cars are available for under $20. Some are even less than $10, perhaps allowing you to buy more than one item?

Lego Sets Under $20 for Girls (Friends Lego Sets)

Legos aren’t just for boys! In the last couple years, Lego has expanded their Lego Friends sets, which are designed specifically with girls in mind. We have an Emma so I have a feeling my husband will be buying some of the Emma sets just because of the matching name! 🙂

Lego Creator 3 in 1 Sets Under $20

One of the newer lines of Legos are these clever sets that include directions and pieces for 3 different things – in 1 set. Our 8 year old son really likes these sets and has built several of them, way back in Kindergarten. Since each set can build 3 things, it’s a good way to get more for your money! With quite a few of these sets being under $20, these are a great Lego deal!

Duplo Lego Sets Under $20

Don’t forget that Duplos are great for kids too young for Legos! Duplos, like Legos, are built to last for many years and many kids! General Duplo sets are just over $20 but often go on sale for under $20, so keep an eye out for those! Here are some Duplo sets that are always under $20.

Do you have any favorite Lego sets that are under $20? Or any tips for finding cheap Lego deals?

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