25 Best Personalized Books for Kids

If you are looking for the best personalized books for kids, here are some of the best books available to create a priceless keepsake for your child.

I have always loved to read and want to pass that same love of books down to my children. We have read together since they were babies, and it warms my heart to see how much all four of them love to read! Yes, they are still young (at 9, 7, 5 and 3) but I believe that good reading habits established on make for lifetime readers.

Books are my go to gift. We give books at Christmas and for baby showers and birthdays and for graduations. They are so many special books available to give, but I especially like to give personalized books. Now, this can mean different things to different people.

Some people think the best personalized children’s books are those with their child’s name printed on every page of the story. Some people like classic books where Scripture is hand written to personalize the story.

There are so many different personalized books options available that you can choose your favorites! Whatever your favorite, we can all agree that personalized books are a unique gift and one of the best keepsake gifts around.

There is nothing quite the excitement for a child to see their name within the pages of a book. The joy and delight it brings makes personalized books worth every penny. These are the books that will be reread over and over.

I spent some time looking for variety of personalized books – from different companies and Etsy sellers – that are personalized in different ways.

Here are a couple things to pay attention to when personalizing a book.

First of all, is it a hardcover or softcover book? Can a personal message be added to the inside cover of the book? This is generally a given, but worth checking.

Is shipping included or an extra fee? I included several stores shipping through Amazon for the free shipping option. Many Etsy shops include free shipping too.

Is the book produced by a big company or an independent Etsy seller? Etsy sellers take the utmost pride in their creations and are very accommodating, so this can be a great option when personalizing books.

Finally, how much can be personalized within the book? Names – first and last? Child and friends? Hair color? Skin tone? Face shape? Photograph added? The personalization varies for every book and every company so pay attention as you look at these books.

The good news is that they are so many different stories available now! I hope this list helps you find exactly the special book for which you are looking!

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Here are 25 of the best personalized books for kids.

Note: Click on any of the titles to see pages and more information on that specific book.

I Love You This Much

This sweet story allows you to add your child’s name to a custom book, listing all the ways your child is loved. Your child’s name is printed in the text as well as in the illustrations of this story book. It is published by Wonderbly who is known for creating personalized books. Wonderbly has a wide variety of customizable books, all available here. All Wonderbly books allow you to add on a note on the dedication page – as do most customized books. You can customize I Love You This Much on Amazon here.

We Go Together

This is a personalized storybook that would be great for siblings because it is a story of how two children go together…like peanut butter and jelly, and so many other things! This book can be customized by selecting the skin tone and hair color of the children, as well as adding their names. This could also make a very sweet best friends story for a birthday gift. This book is again published by Wonderbly and available on Amazon here.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Everyone knows this classic Dr. Seuss story, but this version is a perfect gift. This book is the original hardcover book, with a Bible verses carefully handwritten on every page of the story. The text of this awesome book is not altered in any way – but the Bible verses are added to enrich this classic book.

There are two options for this personalized book. You can purchase the book with the Bible verses added OR you can purchase a version with your child’s name included in the Bible verses. It is truly a one of a kind book and hands down, the best graduation book gift. I give countless copies of this book every year at graduation time. This is a personalized gift that you need to check out! You can view all versions available on Etsy here.

The Best Big Sibling Ever

Everyone knows Shutterfly for their photo book gifts, but did you know they make a variety of personalized storybooks as well? This book would be a fun gift for a big brother or big sister, to celebrate the birth of a new baby. You can add both the names of the big sibling as well as the new baby’s name and birth date. You can also add a personalized message at the front of the book. This book is available on Shutterfly here.

Children's Books: The Best Big Sibling Ever Personalized Story Book

Guess How Much I Love You

This is one of the best gifts for a new baby or baby shower. It also works wonderfully for a special occasion like an adoption or Valentine’s Day. Again, this is the classic story by Sam McBratney of two rabbits sharing how much they love one another. One each page of the book, a love Bible verse is handwritten to complement the story. It is a great way to remind your child how they are loved – by you and by God. A personalized message or dedication can be added to the inside cover upon request. This custom book is available in the Joyfully Thriving Etsy shop here.

My Trip to the Alphabet Zoo

This alphabet book is a fun personalized children’s book. Your child is the star of the show with their name included in the story. They travel through the zoo and meet all the animals from Antsy Antelope to Zany Zebra. Your child can learn their letters as they are involved in the story. This book is available on Shutterfly here.

ABC, What Can I Be?

Here’s another alphabet book that involves your child’s name. This cute children’s book goes through every letter of the alphabet with a different job your child could do someday. This book is available from I See Me Books on Amazon here.

I Wish You More

If you have never read this sweet story, this is a beautiful one for young children. Every page is a wish for something special, ending with “I Wish You All This and More.” This personalized children’s book includes a Bible verse hand written on every page, making it an extra special gift. A special message may be added to the inside cover, with your child’s name. This book is available in the Joyfully Thriving Etsy shop here.

I Wish You More, Nathan

If you want the story of I Wish You More with your child’s name added to the text, this printed book option is for you. This book takes the original story of I Wish You More, and simply adds your child’s name before each line of text. This book is available I See Me Books on Amazon here.

Winnie the Pooh Birthday Story

This personalized book takes a classic children’s story and prints your child’s name on the cover, as well as a special dedication message. This Etsy seller has several other children’s books (including Peter Rabbit and Paddington) that are available to be personalized in this style. These personalized stories are available in the Jonny’s Sister’s Etsy shop here.

Emma and Her Fantabulous Orchestra

This personalized book makes your child the star of the story, as well as a member of the orchestra. Use your child’s name and as an added the bonus, pick the instrument your child will play. This book is produced by Librio. One of the great things about Librio story books is that you can also choose the language you want the book printed in. Librio currently has 27 different languages and dialects available for their personalized books, although the languages do vary by the book. See all the Librio books available here.

You’ll Always Be My Little Girl

This is a great gift from a dad to his little girl. Produced by Hooray Heroes, these books are some of the best personalized books for the amount of personalization options available. You can customize the skin color, the hair color and style, eye color and shape, glasses and freckles – as well as choosing the name obviously. View all the Hooray Hero books available here.

The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be

If you aren’t familiar with this new book, go read it! It would make an incredibly special graduation gift – or just because. I actually like this book more than “Oh the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss – and that is saying a lot! This keepsake book becomes even more special with a handwritten Bible verse on every page of this beautiful story by Joanna Gaines. Add your personal message to be written in the cover of the book. View this personalized book in the Joyfully Thriving Etsy shop here.

Little One, Little One

Here is another children’s book that can be personalized and printed with your child’s name included in the text. This book can include your child’s name as well as friend’s names as part of the story. See the personalized options available on Etsy in Connie’s Gift Box here.

Fancy Nancy Tea Parties

If you are looking for a personalized book with your child’s favorite characters, check out Put Me in the Story. This book of Fancy Nancy’s Tea parties will delight any fancy girl in your life! Other character books include Sesame Street, Curious George and Pete the Cat, all available on the Put Me in the Story website here.

Magic Name Book

These personalized books are bestselling books because they include your child’s name, as well as the letters hidden throughout the book. It’s a unique story and quite popular as a gift. See this personalized book and many others in the My Magic Name Book Etsy shop here.

Around the World

If your child has ever wondered what it would be like to live in a different country, this book is a great personalized option! Your child can discover different foods and music and customs from different places around the world. There is even a glossary included in the back. This book is available to be personalized on Shutterfly here.

Children's Books: Around The World Personalized Story Book

Open This Book!

This clever and funny personalized kid’s book focuses on spelling your child’s own name. It is written as an interactive book, with cute monster’s asking your child’s help to find the letters needed of his or her name. This book is made by I See Me and available on Amazon here.

On the Night You Were Born

This personalized book for kids is a printed version of Nancy’s Tillman’s classic book. It includes your child’s name throughout the story, plus your child’s photo can be added to the book as well. View this book on the Put Me in the Story website.

My Cross Country Road Trip

Here is another unique personalized book. Take your child on a road trip across all 50 states! As an added bonus, it includes all the states, state flags and capitals. Your child will love visiting all the states in this personalized book! You can also add a photo of the child, as well as a name. This Road Trip book is available from Shutterfly here.

Children's Books: My Cross Country Road Trip Personalized Story Book

God Loves Me

This rhyming story reminds your child of God’s unconditional love. Having their name added to the text within the story makes it even more memorable. This book is created by I See Me and available to be personalized on Amazon here.

It’s My Birthday

If you are looking for a special book to give on a birthday, this is a great book for that occasion. This book is full of happy birthday wishes which are sure to make your child smile! The Birthday book is available on Shutterfly here.

My Night Before Christmas

This book is a clever take on Clement Moore’s traditional “Twas the Night Before Christmas” but it puts your child into the middle of the classic Christmas poem. You can customize the entire book with name, siblings name, last name and even a family pet, if you choose. This book is a Christmas gift the entire family will enjoy! The Night Before Christmas book is available on Shutterfly here.

Children's Books: My Night Before Christmas Personalized Story Book

Discover the Meaning of Christmas

Speaking of Christmas books, if you are looking for a personalized book about the true reason for the season, consider this option where your child unpacks a nativity and hears the story of Jesus’ birth. Your child’s name will be included in the text as well as in the illustrations. As with most personalized books, you can include a personal message in the front. This Christmas book is also available from Shutterfly here.

I Love Grandpa / Grandma

There are so many different options for this book! There are actually two different versions you can create – a female (Grandma / Aunt / Mom) book, or a male (Grandpa / Uncle / Dad) book. This could be a great book to create for a special niece or nephew or grandchild! Both are available at Shutterfly. See the Grandpa book here or see the Grandma book here.

With so many different personalized book options available, there are plenty of great book options for the special child in your life!

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