Nathan’s 1st Birthday Party in Pictures

I’ve shared about the set-up for Nathan’s party and I’ve shared about the book themed food I prepared. Now, it’s time for a wrap-up in pictures of the people and events of Nathan’s actual party!

While we got ready for the party, Nathan played with his cousin, Zeke. Zeke came up from St. Louis with his parents (my sister & and brother-in-law) and his Uncle Joel (my brother). We were so glad they could come for the weekend! Nathan’s 4 months older than Zeke and it was fun to really watch the boys interact together. Who needs toys when there are bottles to play with? My mixing bowls were the toy of choice later on in the day.

Cousins and Bottles

Our guests started arriving around 4 for an early dinner at 4:30. We wanted to start early so it wouldn’t interfere with Nathan’s bedtime…too much! Unfortunately, Nathan’s 2 other friends (and their parents) were unable to come but he had lots of grown-ups ready to celebrate with him. Notice the picture wall? Andy finished hanging them 2 hours before the party. Nothing like a deadline to get projects done!

Visiting for Nathan's Party

Nathan had smiles for everyone and like usual, he was able to coax smiles from everyone! I love this picture of Nathan with Tonya, my friend and fellow teacher from school.

Nathan smiles with Tonya

My parents live in Texas but Andy’s parents live in town. We were glad Grandpa and Grandma Whirrett could celebrate with us. Grandma brought party hats and blowers just for the occasion! Nathan wasn’t a big fan of the hats but Grandpa managed to hold it on long enough for a quick picture.

Grandpa and Nathan at his Party

The food was enjoyed by all and then it was time for cake! Nathan was much neater than we anticipated, but he didn’t take long to dive into the cake. He particularly liked the chocolate buttercream icing but still ate about half of his cake. I cut him off at the point and wrapped the rest up for his actual birthday. He enjoyed some of my ice cream, too!

Nathan's 1st birthday cake

Everyone was very generous with their birthday gifts for Nathan. He was intrigued by the classic popper and quickly figured out how to push it around and make noise. His new lawn mower is another favorite gift.

Unwrapping Birthday Presents

After presents, Nathan played for bit and entertained everyone with his cuteness. He and Zeke took a bath together before we managed another 4 generation picture. We were glad Great-Grandma Schiffli was able to come to Nathan’s party, too!

4 Generations of Schiffli's

By this time, our birthday party boy was wearing down so it was time for stories and bedtime cuddles. He’s started giving hugs, where he lays his head on your shoulder. It’s very sweet of him and I’m cherishing all the cuddles with my one-year-old boy.

Bedtime hugs and cuddles from Nathan

After a good night’s sleep, it was time for early church. It was Palm Sunday and we were able to worship with my family again. Last year on Palm Sunday was Nathan’s baptism so that was good to remember. After church, we took a couple of family photos before my family headed back to St. Louis. Here I am with my youngest sister, Mikaela. Uncle Joel was quick to get both boys smiling!

Kristen and Mikaela with Nathan and Zeke - March 2015

Speaking of Uncle Joel, Nathan was sad to see him go. Uncle Joel had been carrying him on his shoulders and Nathan loved the new perspective! My brother’s so good with little ones!

Uncle Joel and Nathan

All in all, it was a wonderful birthday weekend for Nathan. I hope you enjoyed a glimpse inside our celebration!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your party. You got some great pictures of Nathan that I’m sure you will cherish for years to come. It looked like everyone had a great time. Your hard work paid off!

    1. Thanks, Emily! It was fun – and really not too much work with a bit of planning ahead – but I did sleep well. I’m still in disbelief that I have a one year old. It will be your turn for a one year old party before you know it!

  2. Thanks for sharing your darling first birthday boy’s day! It looks simply perfect! I love that Andy did the photo wall and it looks great! Somehow parties/events in our lives spur those projects. I like the deadline part, even if sometimes gets hectic, it’s so worth it! Nice work Andy too, looks perfectly aligned!

    1. I will pass along your compliments! That was probably the most stressful part of the whole day because most of the frames had one hook instead of two to keep them nice and straight. We ended up using Command Strips made for pictures to hang them…and that made it much easier! I will highly recommend those in the future to anyway hanging pictures. Plus, they are removable if you need them to be.

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