100 Pampering Gifts for Mom

Looking for some pampering gifts for mom? Here are some of the best gifts you can give a mom – on a variety of budgets – no matter what time of year!

I absolutely love being a mom! But after a long day at home with little kids? I don’t want fancy gifts. The best thing is to have a little bit of time to myself. It’s hard work to be a mom, so we need to take some time for self care.

I know it is hard to find a lot of time to spend recharging. Moms learn to be content with the little luxuries that can be enjoyed in the pockets of a busy day. That’s what made me start thinking about the gifts a mom really want. As a Mom, it’s easy to focus on others but we often forget to spend time on ourselves. That’s where these pampering gifts come in!

Every mom is different. Pampering means different things to different moms. Some moms would love time out with friends, or doing things. Other moms prefer alone time. Some moms love coffee while others want sparkling water. Most moms love chocolate – but milk, dark or white? It all comes down to knowing your mom.

I came up with a variety of pampering gifts for mom. Some of these self-care gifts would be great as Mother’s Day gifts, Christmas gifts or a birthday gift. You could make a mom gift basket using several of these pampering ideas. A mom with a new baby would love a new mom care package with a couple of these ideas. But remember, you don’t need a special occasion to give a thoughtful gift to the Mom in your life.

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You’ll notice that time away is a reoccurring theme. As much as we love being wife and mom, the time away helps recharge our batteries so we can love our families better.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a mom feel special. In fact, many of these pampering gift ideas are very frugal gift ideas that involve a bit of time or effort on your part. There are a variety of gift ideas included for budgets of all sizes.

Remember, there is no one perfect way to show Mom how special she is. Remind her in a variety of different ways on a regular basis! Moms need that reminder just like everyone does.

Moms, feel free to share this list with your husband or in-laws or whoever asks, and circle the items you would particularly like! Or email them a link to this article if that helps because I know my husband is always happy for specific details when it comes to shopping for me.

Here are some of the best pampering gifts for mom!

This post does contain affiliate links but regardless of where these gifts are purchased, I stand by my word that busy moms really do want these gifts! 

  1. A morning away from the kids for a much-needed break
  2. A gift card for Panera
  3. Be the one to get up with the kids for a night and give Mom the gift of a good night’s sleep
  4. An Amazon gift card because she can find anything on Amazon
  5. A good book that reminds Mom how good it is to make time for herself 
  6. A Paperwhite Kindle is a wonderful gift for the Mom who loves to read
  7. Time to herself
  8. A night of baby-sitting
  9. Frozen dinners (homemade or store bought) for busy nights
  10. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! Treat her to an assortment of good quality dark chocolate she can hide away for when she needs it!
  11. Bath and Body Works foaming hand soap
  12. Good smelling soy candles
  13. Bath bombs, bath salts or bubble bath
  14. A spa gift basket for an at-home spa day
  15. A beautiful hand embroidered quote to encourage her
  16. Caffeine to get her through the day – coffee, tea or pop, depending on the mom
  17. An assortment of sparkling water or her favorite treat drink to enjoy in her own home
  18. A book that reminds her she’s not alone in this mom journey
  19. A pizza gift card so she can pick up pizza for the family some night when she doesn’t feel like cooking
  20. A grocery store gift card for the months when the grocery budget is extra tight
  21. A whole day “off” from all mom responsibilities
  22. A custom return address stamp
  23. A cut bouquet of flowers that she can enjoy now but not have one more thing to worry about taking care of
  24. A photo calendar of her and the kids
  25. A morning to sleep in as late as she wants
  26. Several hours when you take the kids away from the house so Mom can be home alone to do whatever she wants
  27. Multiple bags of chocolate chips for all the baking she enjoys doing
  28. A manicure / pedicure appointment
  29. A spa gift card to let her choose any spa treatment she would enjoy
  30. A date night (or more) with her husband, complete with booked and paid for baby-sitting
  31. Frame this free printable to remind her being a Mom is important
  32. A favorite bottle of wine (or two) to enjoy after the kids are in bed
  33. Jewelry with her kids names on it
  34. Several pints of her favorite ice cream
  35. Meal kits so she doesn’t have to work so hard at prepping dinner
  36. Shutterfly gift cards to work on those photo scrapbooks she wants to make
  37. A nap for as long as she likes
  38. A gift card to an online thrift store so she can shop for bargains for herself from the comfort of her home
  39. The start of a “Someday” travel fund
  40. Chick-fi-la gift cards because what Mom doesn’t like Chick-fi-la with the kids?
  41. A massage
  42. A good mixer that will work no matter how many batches of cookies she makes in it
  43. A book by her favorite author
  44. A unique piece of jewelry made by a mother in Uganda and whose purchase helps feed hungry children
  45. A personalized family tree
  46. A good camera so she can capture all the too fleeting moments of childhood
  47. A personalized camera strap for her good camera
  48. Her favorite snacks and treats that are just for her and no one else
  49. Send her out of the kitchen as soon as dinner is over and handle all the clean up
  50. A bullet journal notebook or bullet journal printables to help her create exactly the planner she needs to keep her organized. (Here’s why I think every busy mom needs a bullet journal.)
  51. New cute pajamas
  52. A comfy robe
  53. An Audible subscription so she can enjoy listening to books of her choice
  54. An appointment to take pictures of the whole family
  55. A movie that makes her laugh and cry and smile every time she watches it
  56. Catch up on all the laundry
  57. A personal laminator 
  58. Do one of the house projects that has been on her to-do list for months (or, ahem, years)
  59. Replace her cookie sheets that are scratched and worn from years of baking
  60. Send her out for the night with her girlfriends
  61. A professional house cleaning
  62. Some kid safe essential oils for her diffuser
  63. Good quality paper plates for a busy holiday season (or a regular busy week) so she doesn’t have to do the dishes
  64. A foot massager – or give her a foot massage
  65. A custom necklace with her mom’s handwriting inscribed on it
  66. An indulgent hand cream
  67. An artisanal soap or two
  68. A gift card to Kohls and time to shop by herself so she can actually try clothes on
  69. For the crafty mom – a Cricut
  70. Take her car to be washed and give her coupons for future car washes
  71. Pay for a car detailing to clean out the inside of her car that chauffeurs kids around constantly
  72. A special copy of Guess How Much I Love You, with Bible verses added inside, to remind Mom how much she is loved
  73. Cook dinner for the family so she gets a night off from cooking
  74. A wooden charcuterie tray for the next time she wants to entertain
  75. A low maintenance plant
  76. A gift card to Stitch Fix to enjoy new clothes chosen for her, and delivered to her house
  77. Handle the end of the day craziness and put the kids to bed so she doesn’t have to
  78. A budget priced robot vacuum to help keep the house clean for her
  79. Get the whole family together and stay up late talking and playing games
  80. Take her wedding rings to get cleaned, polished and resized, if necessary
  81. A reliable and powerful vacuum that will work on all the household messes
  82. The Stanley tumbler to keep her drinks cold (or hot) when she’s chasing after little ones all day
  83. Help her work on that organizing project she’s wanted to tackle
  84. A Hobby Lobby gift card…or a Target gift card…or a gift card to her favorite store!
  85. Add some money to her Starbucks app
  86. A card in the mail reminding her what a great job she’s doing
  87. A charcuterie book for fun browsing inspiration
  88. Surprise her with lunch out to her favorite restaurant
  89. A soft new sheet set
  90. Give her a night at home to do whatever she wants
  91. A daily devotional book that is short, but has lots of solid Biblical content
  92. A variety of herbal tea, if she is a tea lover
  93. Some Starbucks ground coffee to enjoy coffee at home, if she is a coffee lover
  94. An Instant Pot and Air Fryer combined into one – to help her cook dinner quickly!
  95. A super soft throw blanket
  96. An Aldi gift card
  97. Impress at home press on manicure set
  98. A weekend alone in a hotel. Yes, send mom away by herself for the ultimate pampering gift!
  99. That one thing that has been on her wish list for months now but she won’t buy for herself
  100. A handwritten note reminding Mom of all the reasons you love her

There you have it! A list of gifts Mom really wants! Fellow moms, what would be the perfect gift for you? Or what pampering gifts for mom would you add to this list?

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