Simple Savings: Cut dryer sheets in half.

20 - Cut dryer sheets in half.

Laundry must be on my mind lately with all these savings strategies! Perhaps because we all have to do laundry – whether we like it or not. We’ve learned to save by using less detergent while washing full loads in cold water. To round it out, today’s laundry tip is another simple one that I gleaned from my sister. Cut your dryer sheets in half. They still work just as well and you are making a box last twice as long!

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There are a couple other options to this. You can reuse your full dryer sheets if you don’t want to cut them. Of course, you could skip dryer sheets all together. There is always the frugal option to add vinegar to your load of wash since it acts as a fabric softener. Vinegar is a very frugal option but for me, I am currently using several boxes of dryer sheets that I got for free. Free tops even the cheapest of vinegar! I’ve also heard of people using worsted wool balls.

What other options do you have to save in the area of laundry? We’re all eager to learn!

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  2. We skip dryer sheets here! We use the dryer balls, but recently I also picked up a spray (I think Method) that acts like dryer sheets.

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