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As we start the new year, I always like to look back and see what were the most popular posts viewed at Joyfully Thriving. The 2018 list had some overlap with 2017’s most popular posts list but there were some changes and additions. In case you are new here this year or missed some of this content, here are the ten most popular posts of 2018 (in descending order).

10. Who doesn’t love earning free gift cards? I certainly do and am happy others enjoy learning 4 Quick Ways to Earn Gift Cards. These are the extract strategies I am using this year to start saving for a cash Christmas!

9. Buckeyes continue to be on the most popular list this year with my directions for How to Make Homemade Buckeyes. I made them for several Christmas gatherings this year (as well as teacher gifts) and they are always admired and enjoyed!

8. My Great-Grandma’s easy and delicious potato salad recipe is growing in popularity, especially since it can easily be made for large groups. Homemade Potato Salad for a Crowd includes directions for serving 5 to 50 (or more!).

7. A new recipe jumped on the top 10 list – this easy and delicious 4 Ingredient Shredded Beef. I love this recipe because it makes a great pot roast and very tasty beef sandwiches. I try to always keep the ingredients on hand for whenever I find a good deal on chuck roast.

Shredded Beef Sandwich Recipe

6. My kids and I love eating yogurt – especially with my super simple homemade granola. Lily really likes granola and yogurt, too! A couple years ago, I learned How to Make Vanilla Yogurt in Your Crock Pot. It’s actually very easy and tastes delicious.

5. How to Stockpile Diapers gives step by step instructions of how I bought over 4,000 diapers for under $100. It takes time but I firmly believe that diapers don’t have to break your budget! I know this works because I’ve been buying diapers this way for over 5 years and 3 babies.

How to Stockpile Diapers

4. I think audio books are increasing in popularity. I know I’ve been listening to more audio books this year!  I’m quite excited that How to Get Free or Cheap Audible Books has become a first page Google result for “cheap Audible books”. I’m always happy to share money saving tips like these with other book lovers who want to save money.

Love this! So handy to know how to get free or cheap Audible books!

3. How to Create Photo Albums for Free is where I share my love of Shutterfly photo albums and how I do it almost all for free! I have over 2 dozen photo books now and I think I’ve gotten 90% of them completely free. This post shares my strategies but I have an update (along with some new Shutterfly posts) planned for this year.

How to Create Shutterfly Photo Albums for Free Facebook

2. A Biblical Version of Oh, the Places You’ll Go continues to be a very popular post. I love hearing how many people are creating books for friends and family! If you need help, there is a digital download available to show you exactly where and how to write the verses. It’s never too early to start planning ahead for graduation season!

A Biblical Version of Oh the Places You'll Go Facebook

1. Best Homemade Chocolate Frosting jumped on the list this year. It really is the most delicious chocolate frosting I have ever tasted. Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll never want to buy store bought again!

What was your favorite article from Joyfully Thriving this year? Was it one of these – or another one? I have to say that the Busy Mom Planner and When You Can’t See Your Calling Because of the Laundry Pile were some of my favorites. Is there any topic you’d like to see me cover this year? I’m busy brainstorming for the upcoming year, and I always love my reader’s feedback!

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