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It is my privilege to speak again to the wonderful Moms at Ascension Lutheran School today. I love speaking to fellow moms and I love talking about saving money. When I get to combine both things? It truly is a joy for me.

My goal is to share in this class what I regularly share on my blog – simple money saving tips, easy recipes, and uncomplicated home resources to simplify life right now. 

This is more than a coupon class. It’s a class with a wide variety of saving strategies.There is SO much I would love to share but I want to be open to answering lots of questions. I imagine we will spend a lot of time on grocery budgets because this is something moms deal with every week. For that reason, as I was preparing my handouts, I decided to update this post with links for quick access to all I hope and plan to cover.

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Here are the highlights and links to the 10 strategies and tips I will be sharing with these moms.

Start saving money today.

  • Anyone can save money. Don’t make excuses.
  • Doing something is better than doing nothing. Every little bit you save, adds up.
  • Saving money doesn’t have to be complicated or take a lot of time.
  • Make a budget. Snowball your debt. Baby steps.
  • Start today and start now finding ways to save.

Save on Groceries. Shop at more than one store. 

Plan your meals around what is on sale. 

Use coupon apps.

Build a stockpile. Buy 1 for now and 2 for later. 

Save money on diapers.

Set up savings accounts for big areas of expenses.

Save money on as many different ways as you can.

Save money shopping online.

Earn free gift cards to help your grocery budget or set aside for Christmas shopping.

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